Top 7 Organic Wine Brands To Try This Summer

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Ah, wine. It’s the drink that allows you to travel the world within the confines of a glass, offering sensory wonder and delight, especially if it’s a wine you really enjoy. If you’re after some of the top summer organic wine brands to try, then look no further.

It’s been humanity’s constant companion (our first dalliances with fermented grape juice are said to have taken place up to 40,000 years ago), and yet it never stops evolving and improving, always seeking new heights of flavour and aroma.

However, wine’s greatest asset is sometimes also its greatest flaw. The sheer range and variety out there is as dazzling as it is confusing, as impressive as it is intimidating.

There are well over 1,000 commercially available grape varieties, and conservative estimates put the total number of wine grape varieties in the world at around 10,000. There are hundreds of thousands of different bottles of wine out there to try – more than anybody could manage in a dozen lifetimes.

Not to mention the fact that the same wine will vary slightly each year depending on the conditions of the vintage, and they will change over time in the bottle. The variables are infinite!

Here at Vintage Roots, we’re passionate about organic, biodynamic, low and no sulphur added and natural wines, and we love picking out the best examples from around the world for you to try. So here’s a list of seven of the top summer organic wine brands.

The top organic wine brands for summer

top summer organic wine brands - rose wine being poured

When it comes to the summer months, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good bottle of organic wine.

The zingy, fresh, ripe fruit flavours, and zesty acidity, brightness and lightness of white wines and rosés are the perfect foil to the midsummer heat. And, despite what you might have heard – there are loads of great red wines out there that are also ideal for summer drinking.

Lush, rounded reds which pair fantastically with summer barbeque dishes. Those bright, sunny reds that bring Spanish tavernas or Australian beach parties to mind… there’s a whole world of great wine out there, made with the hotter months in mind.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look through our top seven organic wine brands to try this summer – we’re sure there’s something out there that’s absolutely perfect for you.

Top summer organic wine brand #1: Tenuta Giol

top summer organic wine brands - bottles at Giol Winery

If you’re looking for top summer wines which come with incredible and lengthy backstories that criss-cross the centuries, then northern Italy is probably the best place to start for a top summer organic wine brand.

The winery of Giol has a particularly impressive history – the estate which is still in use today was founded in 1427, and has served its community and region consistently ever since.

Today, just like when it first began, the vintners of Giol make their wines using methods that put respect for the land and its sustainability first and foremost.

Indeed, all 25 hectares of land on the estate are certified organic, and the estate oversees every step of the vinification process to ensure that organic standards are stringently met.

Located in the San Polo di Piave region of Veneto, Giol’s passion for natural, traditional methods doesn’t stop there, though. The grapes are hand-picked, the yeasts used are local, and filtration and stabilisation are also kept to a minimum.

Giol’s organic wine range includes top-notch organic Proseccos and Pinot Grigios, along with a lightly sparkling rosé, which can all be enjoyed chilled in summer. For a red, their no sulphites added Merlot is also a top-selling, popular organic red.

Our Giol summer recommendations

Gently sparkling, with a plumpness and softness that makes it simply heavenly for summer drinking, the Giol Perla Rosata Frizzante features a beautiful array of flavours and aromas. Floral notes, red cherries and soft and juicy plums make this a really sunny day winner of a bottle.

New to us this year, the unique and fun Giol Rubino Raboso Red Frizzante is slightly fizzy organic red wine  bursting with red and black fruit flavours that are balanced by soft tannins that do not get in the way of the fruit purity. This is a must-try slightly fizzy red wine that would be fantastic with the BBQ or antipasti. Enjoy lightly chilled for a refreshing summer sipper.

Original price was: £12.50.Current price is: £11.50.

Top summer organic wine brand #2: Meinklang

top summer organic wine brands - a Meinklang vineyard

When it comes to biodynamic wines, the Austrians are the originals, and perhaps the best. Meinklang is a beautiful, verdant, laid-back winery in eastern Austria, in the Burgenland region just south of Vienna.

They epitomise the holistic approach to organic and biodynamic farming – on their estate, you’ll find a wide range of fruits, arable crops, angus cattle and even an educational facility teaching people about the merits of their methods.

Their vineyards are seen as a ‘wine garden’ in which biodiversity, weeds and meadow flowers alike are allowed to flourish, giving their vines a distinctive and highly unique character.

As with most Austrian white wines, the bottles that come out of Meinklang (emblazoned with their iconic cow logo) are wonderful summery wines made from Austrian grapes Gruner Veltliner and Zweigelt, as well as Pinot Noir and more.

Crisp, bright, highly expressive and gorgeously straightforward and refreshing, they’re a marvellous example of what can be achieved when you allow nature to do the hard work for you.

Our Meinklang summer recommendations

Gruner Veltliner wines are a crisp, vegetal-tinged delight, perfect for serving chilled on a hot summer’s day. Meinklang’s Gruner Veltliner really packs in those distinctive, fresh citrus notes and white pepper finish that makes this wine style so popular when the days get longer. With its lower alcohol level, it’s a great option for a lunchtime or afternoon tipple.

The second bottle to choose is a difficult choice, as their full range are ideal summer sippers. However we’re going to go with their 10.5% ABV Meinklang Epic Frizzante made from  50% Grüner Veltliner, 40% Welschriesling and 10% Muskat. Balanced off nicely with a dash of natural sweetness, it’s the perfect wine for any summer occasion.

Top summer organic wine brand #3: Emiliana Organic

The winemakers of the Guilisasti family have long been championing the unique terroir found in Chile. It isn’t difficult to see why: flanked by the majestic Andes and the Pacific Ocean, vintners with some vision and imagination are presented with a wonderful array of microclimates and landscapes to work with, and the resulting wines can be spectacular.

When Emiliana Vineyards winery was founded in 1986 by the Guilisasti family in Chile’s Maipo and Colchagua Valleys, the mission was a clear one: to produce characterful, elegant wines which were distinctly Chilean (yet with a clear Italian influence), and which were made from organic grapes, and using natural, and often biodynamic methods.

The scope of Emiliana’s organic vision is a vast one. Indeed, their 1,470 acres of organic and biodynamic vineyards make Emiliana the largest source of estate-grown organic wines on earth.

This isn’t about quantity over quality, though. The Emiliana label is one that has been critically lauded over the years, both for the flavours their wines express and the sustainable approach they have and will always maintain when it comes to their land.

Our Emiliana summer recommendations

This Adobe Sauvignon Blanc sets a new standard for this varietal, and ticks every box for what a summer wine should be. Citrus notes harmonise with crisp gooseberry flavours on the palate, and come together in a sleek, racy wine which is going to be a hit in the sunshine.

All of Emiliana’s wines come recommended, but for the second choice we’re going to go with their  Adobe Carmenere Reserva. With its ripe, lightly peppery cherry flavours, this medium-bodied wine is a perfect red for summer BBQing.

Top summer organic wine brand #4: Albet i Noya

top summer organic wine brands - grapes at Albet i Noya

When it comes to Spanish wine brands with a pedigree in organic wine production, Albet i Noya sits pretty highly on the list, and is widely celebrated for its pioneering efforts to spread enthusiasm for natural viticulture in Spain.

Based in the beautiful region of Penedes, Catalonia, which is famed for Spain’s famous sparkling Cava wine, Albet i Noya produce a range of classic Spanish wines. They use an array of indigenous and imported grape varietals, as well as some inventive blends which utilise both together and bring out the best in each.

Our summer Albet i Noya recommendations

The Albet i Noya Petit Albet Brut is the perfect all-round, approachable summer sparkler with lots of fruit and a soft mousse. The three classic varieties of Macabeu, Xarel.lo and Parellada are produced using the traditional champagne method, and aged for over 15 months before release to give a wonderfully rounded fizz. Fun, sophisticated and delightful with all sorts of light bites and picnic favorites!

Albet i Noya’s Curios Xarel.lo is made entirely from Xarel.lo grapes, which is indigenous to Spain and we are real fans of it at Vintage Roots HQ. Here it’s unoaked with a fine seam of crisp acidity and come the sunshine, this is one of the most enlivening dry white wines we know. Made from 50+ year old vines.

Original price was: £13.50.Current price is: £12.95.

Top summer organic wine brand #5: Domaine Bousquet

If there’s one wine producing country which has massively impressed in recent years, and has worked hard to forge a superb new reputation for itself, it’s Argentina.

In this Latin American country, the blend between the Old World and the New is the defining characteristic found in the finest wineries, with the boldness and pioneering attitude of the New World being bolstered and refined by Old World varieties, techniques, and attitudes towards excellence and elegance. One of our favourite Argentinian organic wineries, the beautiful and multi-award-winning Domaine Bousquet, is a perfect example.

Set up in 1990 by Jean Bousquet, Domaine Bousquet was to be the latest venture in the family’s long and prestigious winemaking history. The Bousquets hail from the ancient French city of Carcassonne, and they sought out the finest high-altitude Mendoza vineyards on which to establish their organic Argentinian estate.

The results have been consistently stunning, and Domaine Bousquet has helped further the case for organic viticulture in Argentina, blazing a trail for many others to follow.

Our summer Domaine Bousquet recommendations

A beautiful array of dark fruit and spice characterise this gorgeous Domaine Bousquet Malbec, which has plenty to say on the palate, yet remains fresh. Time spent in French oak lends it a smoothness and roundness which is difficult to resist, and which opens it up to plenty of food pairing possibilities. A red perfect for BBQ’d or grilled red meats, from juicy steaks to burgers and more!


Domaine Bousquet Malbec





Original price was: £12.50.Current price is: £11.95.

Domaine Bousquet’s Rosé is a refreshing organic rosé made from a blend of ripe Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Viognier. With superb elegance and freshness, this is a step above the average and has the weight to go well with all sorts of summery food. Enjoy the fresh 2023 vintage, which has just arrived.

Top summer organic wine brand #6: Wild Thing Wines

The ‘Wild Thing’ wine range has been developed exclusively for The Born Free Foundation by Vintage Roots. Initiated in 2010, the range now includes a Sauvignon Blanc, a Merlot, a Rosé (all sourced from a well-established organic winery in La Mancha, Spain) and a Prosecco (sourced from our friends Giol in northeast Italy).

Described by The Times as ‘Big enough to make a difference, but small enough to care’, Born Free is determined to try to halt the race to extinction by protecting rare species in their natural habitat. Working with local communities, they find Compassionate Conservation solutions so people and wildlife can live together. Their major international projects are devoted to animal welfare, conservation and education.

For every bottle of Wild Thing wine sold, a donation is made to the Born Free Foundation.

Our summer Wild Thing recommendations

Being a Frizzante instead of Spumante, the bubbles in the Wild Thing Organic Prosecco are softer but still bring lift, freshness and a casual sense of celebration. Delicate notes of pear and spring flowers with just a touch of white peach charm the palate, it’s not too dry, making for a relaxed and fun aperitif wine for any summery occasion.

The Wild Thing Sauvignon Blanc is a fresh, lively and uplifting dry white from the arid La Mancha region. Its rich fruit flavours and balancing acidity make for a delicious and versatile summer drinking experience. This is one of our best-selling Sauvignon Blancs.

Original price was: £10.25.Current price is: £9.99.

Top summer organic wine brand #7: Fasoli Gino

Fasoli Gino is a beautiful example of an Italian winery that continues to evolve, improve and change with the times, and continues to find new audiences with its stunning array of impressive wines.

Founded in Verona in 1925, it has (like many fine Italian wineries) been handed down through the generations, each of which putting their own stamp on what the winery is, and what the winery does.

In 1984, Fasoli Gino was certified organic, and in 2006, biodynamic practices were employed to help the vintners achieve ever higher levels of expression and excellence.

The belief of the winemakers is that not only do their practices help them reach greater levels of flavour and aroma in their characterful wines, but they also ensure that the land they work on, live on and love is treated with the utmost respect, and it will be in pristine condition for the next generation to come.

Beautiful, natural and always at the cutting edge of natural viticulture, Fasoli Gino is a jewel in Veneto’s crown.

Our summer Fasoli Gino recommendations

DOC Soave Pieve Vecchia: The fact that this Gargenega wine has been elegantly aged in oak brings a whole other level of sophistication to this full-bodied organic white wine. Creamy, juicy and rounded, and yet possessing a sharpness and freshness which balances everything beautifully, it’s a stunning example of modern Italian produce at its best. Serve with BBQd chicken, antipasti or grilled fish.

For an outstanding summery red, go for the Fasoli Gino Ripasso DOC Valpolicella Corte del Pozzo. Stylistically Ripasso is a “baby Amarone” and sits between Valpolicella & Amarone. It shares the lightness and freshness of Valpolicella but certainly has some of the structure and complexity of an Amarone. This red wine can be enjoyed chilled or at room temperature.

Final Thoughts

Summertime is a time for spending days with friends and family, getting out of the house and enjoying life, and making the most of what nature has to offer us.

Having a great glass of wine while you’re appreciating the beauty of summer is fantastic way of getting in touch with nature – especially when those wines are organic, biodynamic, or made according to natural principles.

Here at Vintage Roots, we’ll be raising a glass to the sunshine… and we think that you should too. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the top summer organic wine brands to try.


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