French Reds Mixed Six


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Six popular French reds, including a gold medal Beaujolais and Cotes du Rhone.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Grenache – so many red varietals originate from France, and this is your chance to dive deeper into the enticing world of French reds. First off you’ll find a popular longstanding blend that Vintage Roots bottles under its own label, along with an approachable organic Merlot from Bergerac right next to Bordeaux. Next are two bottles from the Rhone, the straightforward Mas de Longchamp IGP Rhone Rouge and Chateau Rochecolombe’s Cotes du Rhone, awarded not one but two gold medals in recent years. The final two include a gold medal-winning Beaujolais listed as jolly and juicy in The Times last year, along with a stunning biodynamic and fully natural Loire Valley red from Amirault.

Reviews for these wines

  • “Not too heavy and not light, great taste, easy to drink with any meal.”
  • “I received two bottles of this wine in a mixed case, and it was my favourite…”
  • “Enjoyable wine that’s easy to sip on its own in front of the telly.”
  • “Jolly, juicy beaujolais with vibrant red and black summer berry charm.” 
  • “A perfect light Bordeaux: lovely berry notes, not too dry, very quaffable…”


Various, mixed


Various, mixed

Our mixed cases are hand-picked selections of our top organic wines and drinks to ensure you get the very best selections at the best value. They’re made up of wines and drinks from tried and trusted organic winemakers, many of whom we have dealt with for decades. We hold organic certificates for all the estates we buy from.


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