Screw Cap Wines

There’s nothing like the ‘pop’ of a cork when opening a bottle of wine or champagne! However, did you know that corks may “taint” the wine, or allow oxygen to leak into the bottle–leading to oxidation? Note: There are those that argue that a small amount of oxygen helps to “age” the wines properly, thus the continued use of corks over screw caps.

Since 1964, some wine-makers have opted to use screwcaps to seal the bottles, rather than the traditional corks. The lower failure rate of screwcaps makes screw cap wine longer-lasting, and less likely to spoil during production, shipping, and storage.

Screwcaps are also easier to open, and are great for preserving the fresh fruit characters of wines designed to be drunk within a few years of the vintage. If you are looking for quality screwcap wine, check out the wines below. We’ve got the best organic wines from around the world for you to choose from.

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Novas Gran Reserva Riesling


The wine is clear golden yellow in colour with fruity aromas of quince, pear, and notes of citrus.

Alcohol: 13.5%

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Theodorus Riesling Trocken (75cl)


Delicious, off-dry Riesling with a wonderfully complex flavour

Alcohol: 13%

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Timo Dienhart Riesling Kabinett Sonnenuhr (75cl)


Low alcohol, medium-sweet Riesling from the famous Mosel valley

Alcohol: 8.5%

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Terrace Edge Liquid Geography Riesling (75cl)

New Zealand

Outstanding medium-sweet Riesling

Alcohol: 12.5%

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Stefano Lubiana Riesling (75cl)


Pure, citrus and apple-scented Riesling perfection. ‘Strikingly, fiercely elegant!‘

Alcohol: 12.5%

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