Richmond Plains Nelson Sauvignon Blanc


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Benchmark New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Gooseberry and lime all the way.

The first thing you’ll notice is the smell of this ultra-fresh wine: it’s herbaceous with gooseberry, kiwi and capsicum notes. In your mouth you’ll experience the bursting sensations of delicious gooseberry, passionfruit, capsicum and limey/citrus flavours with a lovely background of mineral and nettle tones. A very versatile and popular wine that complements seafood superbly, many other differing food styles or is lovely as an apéritif.

  • Gold Medal – New Zealand Organic Wine Awards 2017 (2016 vintage)


Green citrus fruit with streaks of lime juice, Super-fresh


Gooseberry and green pepper, Newly cut grass

Richmond Plains winery has been owned by Lars Jensen and his wife Samantha since 2008, fulfilling a long-held dream. Lars has been committed to enjoying and making great wines since he 'stole' a sip from his parent's glass as a child. His enthusiasm remains unabated 'every bottle, every vintage and every variety is a new discovery…making me eager for more'. They believe that the Nelson region, on the top of the South Island, offers the perfect location for producing fantastic wines, being 'blessed with the longest number of sunshine hours in New Zealand,  combined with free-draining soils of ancient river beds, perfect for producing vibrant fruit driven white wines and well-structured elegant red wines.' Comprising just 8 hectares of vines in total, the estate has been organic since 1991. Great wines are made in the vineyard. Lars and Samantha believe in working with nature in order to nourish biologically active soils and vines so that they produce top quality grapes and wines. Their vineyard is a natural carbon sink as they mulch vine prunings, grasses, herbs, leaves and grape skins back into the soil. This also increases the soil depth and organic matter which is rich in natural fertility and hosts millions of beneficial organisms and insects. The lush green vineyard creates an attractive habitat for a variety of native birds, lizards, butterflies and beneficial insects like ladybirds. Winemaker Steve Gill says, 'I believe that we make world-class wine in Nelson... it is this blend of creativity/art and science that I love about winemaking….I am delighted to be making organic wine that has been made working with nature. The best wine is made from minimal interference in the winery.'



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