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Insieme Nero D'Avola No Added Sulphur / Organic Red Wines

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Feudo di Santa Tresa - 2012

A purer wine would be difficult to find!

The new 2012 vintage is possibly even more expressive than the 2011 which was launched so successfully last year. Soft and supple with rich depth, and a lingering smooth black cherry fruit finish.

'Insieme' means 'together' in Italian and signifies the partnership between this winery and the Stellar winery in South Africa, which is a leading organic and fair trade estate, also specialising in 'No Sulphur Added' (NSA) wines.
To produce an NSA wine requires incredible attention to detail, using hand selected optimally ripe grapes that are carefully handled and brought to the winery for processing as quickly as possible. Maximum cleanliness in the winery is crucial in order to reduce any possible unwanted microbiological growth, and oxygen must be excluded at all costs whilst the wine is being stored.

A tiny amount of sulphur (around 20 ppm) is present and only there as it's formed naturally, as part of the fermentation process itself. An increasing number of people see avoiding additives as a stepping stone towards health improvement, and it's gratifying to know one can enjoy outstanding quality wines at the same time!

Nero d'Avola
Fullness 13% ABV
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Located in Modica, one of Sicily's most ancient areas for wine production. Here, the 50 hectare estate lies close enough to the Mediterranean to benefit from it's cooling breezes, this coupled with its sandy loam topsoil sitting over a well drained limestone base creates a perfect healthy, organic grape growing environment. An indication of the estate's forward thinking was their willingness to work with Dudley Wilson (from Stellar vineyards in South Africa) on their 'no added sulphur' Nero D'Avola red wine project.

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Insieme Nero D’Avola No Added Sulphur

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