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It’s not rocket science (though some of my BBQ food does look like it’s been to space and back!). Choosing appropriate wines for your BBQ is pretty easy and should follow a few simple guidelines.

Generally speaking BBQ food flavours are big and bold, it’s likely that meats will have been marinated, or coated in herbs and spice mix. Whatever has been thrown on the grill will most probably be accompanied by various salads, and it’s the dressings used which can sometimes compete with enjoyment of the wines being opened. If the wine is too dry or has racy acidity, it may not be the best choice as it will ‘clash’ with a vinegary dressing.

So go for wines with bold, rich and more obvious flavours, and nothing too dry. Wines with juiciness and depth,  that can also be enjoyed on their own are the one’s to go for… after all the BBQ chef cannot be rushed and there may be some waiting involved!

BBQ’s often involve quite a few people and can often turn into small parties, therefore the following 4 whites, 2 rosés and 6 reds are well priced and offer great value. All wines can be ordered on their own or as part of your selection, but we’ve also made a mixed case (12) which is discounted by more than our delivery charge.


Touchstone Chardonnay

Touchstone Chardonnay 2011
Rich and broad flavoured Chilean, with just a hint of oak


Soave Borgoletto

DOC Soave Borgoletto 2011/2012
Often overlooked, this is fantastically refreshing and has great creamy balance


Giol Perla Rosato Frizzante

Giol Perla Rosato Frizzante
Lightly fizzy, ideal from beginning till end of any BBQ


Cotes du Rhone Miran Rose

Cotes du Rhone Miran Rose 2012
Winning rose that’s elegant and refreshing


Touchstone Cabernet Sauvignon

Touchstone Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
Chunky Chilean red for the meatiest of BBQ’s


Domaine Py Vieilles Vignes Merlot

Domaine Py Vieilles Vignes Merlot 2012
Juicy smooth and plummy depth, top value


Jasci Montepulciano

Jasci Montepulciano 2012
Easy, jammy and medium bodied, and a hint of smokiness


Domaine Bousquet Premium Malbec

Domaine Bousquet Premium Malbec 2012
Perfect all rounder


Cotes du Rhone Chateau Rochecolombe

Cotes du Rhone Chateau Rochecolombe 2011
Big, spicy and full to partner bigger flavoured dishes


Feudo di Santa Tresa

Feudo di Santa Tresa Frappato 2011
Lighter but very fruity, try this chilled with fish too


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