Why Drink Organic Wine? Six Reasons to Drink Organic Wine

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Here at Vintage Roots we only sell certified organic wines. This means that these wines are made in accordance with organic wine growing and winemaking standards. But you might be asking yourself: why drink organic wine in the first place? Or why is it better to drink organic wine? In this post we’ll answer those questions and provide six reasons to drink organic wine:

  1. Organic wine is better for the environment
  2. Organic wine helps to promote biodiversity
  3. Organic wine has lower levels of sulphites/sulphur dioxide/sulfur
  4. Organic wine tastes amazing and is a true expression of terroir
  5. Organic wine means supporting organic winemakers
  6. Organic wine is made using a verifiable process

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Why drink organic wine reason #1: Organic wine is better for the environment

One of the main reasons to drink organic wine is that it’s better for the environment. This is mainly because organic winegrowers aren’t allowed to use synthetic pesticides and other chemicals, which can be harmful for the soils, waterways, biodiversity and vineyard workers too. When we consider carbon efficiency and climate change, organic wine is the better and more sustainable option too. By using more natural methods, organic wine growers work with nature more and pollute less, so if you’re looking for a greener wine choice, organic wine is definitely the way to go.

Why drink organic wine reason #2: Organic wine helps to promote biodiversity

why drink organic wine

According to the World Wildlife Fund, global wildlife populations have declined by almost 70% since the 1970s, which is a massive reduction! Organic vineyards are often thriving habitats for insects, birds and other species. Research has also shown that organic vineyards are more biodiverse/have increased biodiversity in comparison to non-organic ones.

For wine particularly, good soil health is very important. Soils are the source of nutrients for the vines and grapes. The difference between organic wines and non-organic wines can be seen very visually in the soils. You’ll never forget the moment you see soils from a non-organic farm compared to an organic one. Synthetic pesticides and inputs can turn soils into a brown sludge and the environment around an eerie place. Move to an organic vineyard and you’ll see much more biodiverse, aerated soils full of bacteria, fungi, insects and all kinds of microorganisms. Healthier, biodiverse soils are simply better for vine health — and ultimately result in better wine quality too!

Why drink organic wine reason #3: Organic wine has lower levels of sulphites/sulphur

Sulphites or sulfites, sulphur dioxide (or just ‘sulphur’), and SO2 all describe the same thing. In winemaking they’re used as an antiseptic and antimicrobial agent to kill off unwanted moulds, bacteria and yeasts. They’re also used to inhibit oxygen reacting with and spoiling the wine. In recent years more and more wine drinkers are seeking out low sulphur or no sulphur added wines to avoid consuming sulphites.

Organic wines’ maximum level of sulphur addition (sulphites) are set below the levels set for conventional wines. This means that most organic wines will contain some sulphites, but at lower levels than non-organic wine. There are an increasing number of organic wines made with ‘no sulphur added’ as well, which contain the lowest levels of sulphites.

To help consumers navigate the choice of very low levels of sulphur, at Vintage Roots we have ‘NS’ symbols for all ‘No Sulphites Added’ wines and ‘LS’ symbols for all wines with ‘Low Sulphur Added’. Low Sulphur Added is for levels that are 50% or less of that allowed under organic standards.

sulphite free and low sulphur wine, why drink organic wine

Why drink organic wine reason #4: Organic wine tastes amazing and is a true expression of terroir

As you can see from above, organic winemaking is a more natural way to make wine and also better for the soil and health of the vines. Without surprise, this results in wines with smooth, rich flavour and ‘terroir’ – a French word used to describe the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is made. Research has also shown that organic wine can have more resveratrol, a powerful polyphenol/antioxidant in red wine that’s received attention for its health benefits. Organic wines will also have fewer chemical residues, which is simply one less thing to worry about, too!

Why drink organic wine reason #5: Organic wine means supporting organic winemakers

why drink organic wine - it supports organic winemakers

With all the environmental havoc going on these days it can sometimes feel like it’s difficult to really make a difference. But we disagree … everyone can play a part and it’s the small actions over time that can lead to change and improvements. By choosing to drink organic wine (make sure to look for proof of certification), you’re also choosing to support winemakers and growers who care about the environment and doing the right thing. Many of the winemakers we work with converted to organic long before it became a more popular thing. They knew it was the better way for the environment and for having better quality wines too.

Why drink organic wine reason #6: Organic wine is made using a verifiable process

There are plenty of wines to pick from, which is indeed a very good thing! But beware: there’s also plenty of greenwashing out there too. Visit the website of almost any wine estate in the world and you’re likely to read about ‘environmentally friendly’ viticulture and a limited use of herbicides and pesticides. Certified organic wines, however, have undergone a verifiable process that includes inspections to ensure the grapes were in fact grown organically and the wine made in line with organic standards too. So organic wine is simply the real deal if you’re looking for the greenest wine choice and it’s important to look out for proof of certification on labels. You can rest assured that all of the wines and drinks we stock have been certified.

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