Pancakes and Wine Pairing: What to Drink on Pancake Day

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When is Pancake Day in 2021?

In 2021 we will celebrate Pancake Day – more correctly known as Shrove Tuesday – on Tuesday 16th February.

What Wine Goes with Pancakes?

Given that pancakes come in all flavours and styles it’s impossible to pick just one wine. So, to help you we have separated out pancake styles and popular flavours and chosen our drink of choice … Happy Pancake Day!

Pancakes and wine pairings for sweet pancakes

Perry – Lemon and Sugar Pancake

Lemon and Sugar Pancake

Surprise! We are not starting with a wine but with a Perry. Perry is cider made from pears and as the ‘Panting Partridge’ sparkling perry has just a touch of sweetness, it’s a great pancake partner.

If you’d prefer a non-alcoholic option to treat the kids (and yourself!), then the sparkling Organico Apple & Lemon Refresher is a brilliant refresher and as it has no added sugars, you can worry a little less about a sugary-overload!

When the heart is set on wine it’s hard to look further than the stylish, appley Torelli Moscato d’Asti. Only very lightly sparkling it’ll give your pancake evening a celebratory feel!

Liqueur – Maple Syrup Pancakes

Maple Syrup Pancakes

I have a friend called Bob who makes the best Maple Syrup and Bacon Pancakes in the world. Normally after I’ve been out in the cold, in the morning, he’ll make me some and give me a nice cup of coffee…! Okay, okay. It’s after dark so what about the Walcher Coffee Liqueur?! Sumptuous pairing!

Muscat – Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes call out for the Heaven on Earth Sweet Muscat.

Raspberry Liqueur – Buttermilk Pancakes

Buttermilk Pancakes

The Buttermilk Pancake has a bit of a tang and is wonderfully fluffy. Though not necessarily a ‘pairing’ as such, they are simply delicious with a dash of Raspberry Liqueur poured over the top. Yum.

Adobe Viognier Reserva – Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes

When trying to decide which wine to pair with the ever-popular Blueberry Pancake, it was tricky to choose… In the end the creamy, flavourful Adobe Viognier Reserva won the day.



Argentine Malbec – Chocolate Pancakes

Chocolate pancakes need a sweet red and the fortified Argentine Malbec from Domaine Bousquet is just the ticket. That it comes in a 50cl bottle is a great thing… you’ll feel less guilty about seeing a finished bottle the following morning!

Recioto di Soave San Zeno – Crepes Suzette

Crepes Suzette

Famous for the inclusion of the French liqueur Grand Marnier, Crêpes Suzette are sweet and orangey and perhaps the most luxurious pancake of them all! Our wine of choice would be the similarly unctuous, Recioto di Soave San Zeno.

Pancakes and wine pairings for savoury pancakes

It would be a brave body who decided to open a different bottle for every pancake served but here’s a selection of some of the UK’s favourite savoury pancakes and a suggested tipple for each.

Bianco Camparo – Spinach and Ricotta Pancakes

Spinach and Ricotta Pancakes

If you’ve decided to go for Spinach & Ricotta Pancakes in 2021, then we would recommend a not too-chilled Italian white such as the DOC Langhe Bianco Camparo which has the depth of flavour to match the ricotta.

Cider – Cheese pancakes

Cheese pancakes

Cheese Pancakes are as varied as the people who make them! Who knows what kind of cheese you’ve got in mind?! It’s hard to resist a cider with a wholesome cheese pancake and you can go for a heavier of lighter style depending on the cheese you go for. Have a look at our cider range here.

Pinot Noir – Mushroom Pancakes

Mushroom Pancakes

When it comes to the Mushroom Pancake, there is in my mind only one grape that’s good for the job and that is pinot noir. It doesn’t have to break the bank… The Adobe Pinot Noir Reserva is a steal at £8.99 and will go down a treat.

Chardonnay – Spring Onion Pancakes

Spring Onion Pancakes

Spring Onion Pancakes are something I associate less with Pancake Day and rather more with a Chinese themed evening! That said, we were asked to pick a wine to match and this time we think a white is the best choice because of the rice wine you’ll need to make them. A fresh, dry chardonnay like the Arrogant Frog Wild Lily Pad Chardonnay would be a top choice.

For more insight into food and wine pairings and more, head to our organic wine blog. Otherwise explore our collection of organic wines, or contact us if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!


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