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We currently list seventeen organic spirits, our largest range coming from the Organic Spirits Company. Formed back in 2000 in Clapham south London, their first product was Juniper Green Organic Gin, an auspicious start as it went on to be named the world’s finest Gin. UK5 Organic Vodka was soon to follow and promptly won Gold at the International Spirits Challenge. Since then they have added white, golden and spiced Rums, and an excellent Highland Harvest Organic Whisky.

With these organic spirits, you know that all the grain (barley, rye and wheat) and sugar have been grown without the use of nitrogen based fertilisers, chemical pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Yes, that really is great news as it means no residues in the product, and no damage to your environment too.

Does organic affect the taste? We believe ‘nature does it best’, and it’s true to say that the organic grain crops contain less carbohydrate and only achieve about 80% of a conventional crop size. Ultimately, less carbohydrate means less sugar and therefore less alcohol produced in distillation. This does make it more expensive to produce, BUT the quality and smoothness is higher, the vodka for example needs no charcoal filtering prior to bottling. Quality not quantity is the message here.

Did you know?  Quite how much alcohol (excise) tax is levied on a bottle of 70cl spirit at 37.5% alcohol volume, as with the examples above. On a single bottle, it is £7.04! And VAT at 20% goes on top too, so that’s £8.45 (not including VAT on the rest of the costs either). That’s over 50% of the cost currently on The Juniper Green Gin and UK5 Vodka. When buying a bottle of cheap gin at £9.90 from a supermarket, you be paying probably less than a £1 for the actual gin inside the bottle!


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