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Welcome to 2015!

Happy New Year and Good Health to All. Last year Vintage Roots gave me the opportunity to write about my wheatgrass company Naked Greenz. Health is my passion and telling as many people about the virtues of wheatgrass when used in conjunction with a good diet is paramount to my mission.

It has been an exciting year for Naked Greenz. My wheatgrass comes from NZ, until now thatʼs where the best wheatgrass comes from. Last year saw the best NZ harvest ever, and we managed to secure a huge quantity of their spring harvest. Itʼs bright green and tastes amazing.

In March we did our own wheatgrass trial in Norfolk. I have been working with the largest organic grower of vegetables in the UK. The trial was a huge success. Not only were the nutrient levels high, it tasted mighty fine when juiced too. I intend to continue with the NZ powder and offer a fresh option in the hope that we can start a cold pressed juice business, incorporating the wheatgrass into a mix of organic vegetable and fruit juices, early next summer. For the hard core we will also offer wheatgrass shots.




On another subject entirely but still related to health I will be launching a range of paraben and sulphate free cosmetics, Naked Creams. It is as important to be conscious of what you eat as what you choose to put on your skin. You can follow my progress on facebook, twitter and instagram at nakedgreenz. So now back to the subject of grass.

I have spent many weeks researching wheatgrass and trying to understand just why this food is different to all others. What I have narrowed it down to is what I call the grass juice factor! Let me explain…

The Grass Juice Factor Modern researchers have defined wheatgrass as a complete food. Is that the juice factor? Or is it the chlorophyll trapped between its blades that gives it a life force and vibrancy that radiates energy?


Have you ever stopped and wondered how animals such as cows, buffalo, bison, elephants, horses, deer, gazelles and giraffes all live and thrive on a diet exclusively of grass? Or why guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs and hens have good health and longevity when fed on grass, yet get sick and emaciated on a diet of lettuce and alfalfa? Are we missing something? Can grass provide nourishment to people as well? Should grass be a primary food to man?

What is the cultural significance of grass? All grass is of ecological and economic importance. Grass has been a dominant source of human food through out history. All the worldsʼ cereal crops are grasses. Of the fifteen major crops that feed animals the world over, ten are grasses. One third of the planet is covered by grass and even in cement cities grasses emerge through cracks in the pavement. However, we have largely ignored it and give our attention to GM crops and pesticides instead. Thousands of years ago people did recognize the value of grass. In fact in some cultures the word for grass has a meaning often depicted as an image.

The first cataloguing of Chinese symbols into a language began about 2800 years ago. The word for grass in Chinese is a picture of two people kneeling at an altar and praying with heads and arms raised skywards. Ancient Hebrew, the language in which most of the Old Testament was written, spells the word grass as Deshe. One interpretation would be;

“Through the lowest of the kingdoms on earth is the doorway through which we may be regenerated and come towards perfection of being.”

From an extract of the Essene Gospel Of Peace (The Dead Sea Scrolls) Jesus said;

“The most precious gift of our earthly mother is the grass beneath your feet, even that grass which you tread upon without thought. Humble and meek is the angel of Earth, for she has no wings to fly, nor golden rays of light to pierce the mist. But great is her strength and vast is her domain, for she covers the earth with her power, and without her Sons of Men would be no more, for no man can live without grass, trees and the plants of the Earthly Mother. And these are the gifts of the angel of Earth to the Sons of Men”


So what did these ancient cultures know that we are only beginning to realize? Did they know about the Grass Juice Factor? I suspect they did. There are some things that you just canʼt explain and the grass juice factor is one of them. All I know and countless others are finding out, is that there is something special about wheatgrass!

If you would like more information on the wheatgrass and my brand Naked Greenz please check out my website Vintage Roots customers can also get a £5 discount, use code GREENZ.


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