Millesime Bio 2013

Vintage Roots

Some Faces Behind The Wines

The Vintage Roots tasting team have recently returned from Montpellier and the annual French organic wine fair that is ‘Millésime Bio’. Unbelievable to think it was the show’s 20th anniversary (we’ve been 19 times!) and this year there were 690 exhibitors (that’s a lot of wine!) and 3500 attendees. Three days of intensive tasting just wasn’t long enough, and a far cry from the early days when an intimate afternoon event with around 20 producers covered it.

We see it as a cause for celebration as it shows an increasing interest and acceptance with organic and biodynamic wine buying, and indeed production. In France alone the area of vineyard land under organic, has increased threefold in just four years.

We’re glad too that following the European Commission’s adoption of new organic winemaking regulations, as from the 2012 vintage wine labels can now display the words ‘organic wine’ rather than ‘wine made from organically grown grapes’

Fasoli Gino

Bodegas Parra Jimenez


Domaine de Brau

Domaine de Pajot




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