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You may not know that Vintage Roots supply the ‘trade’. By that, we mean we sell wines to all kinds of shops and restaurants, bars, delis, hotels etc, in fact to anywhere that sells quality wines. We cover the whole country from the tip of Scotland to the toe of Lands End, but we do not sell to the big supermarkets or multiples, so can’t say we are on every street corner. Apart from not really wishing to be, there simply would be enough wine available from most of our producers!

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One of our best and very longstanding customers is a chain of 20+ Boulangerie Kitchens called ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ (meaning ‘Daily Bread’),  they are all based in central and west London and you can check their locations here www.lepainquotidien.co.uk . If you live in, or visit London, do look them up, and enjoy some authentically delicious food in a friendly and convivial ambience (and wine too of course!). Regulars and friends call the outlets ‘Le Pain’ or ‘LPQ’ for short, their seasonal menus feature wholesome food with an emphasis on sustainable and organic ingredients, cooked using artisanal skills and traditions.

Alain Coumont

Alain Coumont

The owner and founder of LPQ (1990) Alain Coumont, along with co-author Jean-Pierre Gabriel, has released the ‘Cookbook’ showcasing his delicious top recipes and includes a section devoted to his renowned breads. Alain comes from a family of cooks who owned a restaurant in Belgium, and he himself trained as a pastry chef and baker. There’s lots of other gems from inspired breakfasts, to wholesome lunches, dinners and desserts. The book is suitable for everyone as nothing is too complicated, and yet everything feels special and totally nourishing.

Le Pain Quotidien Cook BookLe Pain Quotidien Cook Book

I attended the book launch at the Soho LPQ back in June and received my own signed copy, and can highly recommend it. We’ve now been able to obtain some ‘Cookbooks’ and are pleased to be able to offer them at a slightly discounted price of £18 (cover £20) with free delivery for a limited period.

Or of course pop a copy in with your wine order, it will have you salivating in no time!

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