Europe’s Favourite Wines: what is most popular in each country?

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Whether it’s for a celebration, a drink over lunch, or a fancy dinner; there is a wine perfect for every occasion. Red, white, rosé, or prosecco and champagne; a tipple for every palate.

But have you ever wondered what the nation’s favourite type of wine is by what they’re searching online, and how this might differ around the world? Do the stereotypes across Europe ring true, and in Britain alone, can the debate be settled?!

The team at Vintage Roots have decided to data-crunch and analyse every country’s search and shopping habits on Google, to identify each European country’s most popular wine type, according to what they are looking for online.

And here are the results…

Europes Favourite Wine 

It would appear that Europeans mainly favour red wine, with the majority of countries searching and shopping for this the most! And interestingly, the UK, Germany and Ireland have the biggest wine-related searches of all.

Neil Palmer, our founder comments on the findings: “These are quite different results to what I would have expected in terms of our sales data and industry trends. Rosé is a curveball when it comes to search habits; but data doesn’t lie! It’s interesting to see what is being looked for most in each country and how that might match stereotypes and assumptions around Europe. Most interesting to me, is that the UK are the biggest wine searchers online overall; with the greatest volume of Googling for all types of wine and champagne!

We have also revealed the three countries appearing highest in each wine type’s searches here:


Top three countries for red wine searches

  1. UK – red wine has really come out on top around Europe, but the country searching for it the most – with a whopping 17,000 average monthly searches – is the UK; despite it not even being their most popular wine search overall!
  2. Germany – despite being a big producer of white wine, red wine is officially the drink of Germany (according to what Germans are looking for online), and the country also has the second highest number of searches for red overall. Red grapes now account for over a third of vineyard plantings across Germany so could this be due to their love of the delicious Pinot Noir!
  3. The Netherlands – red wine has also won over the Netherlands, with searches for this coming out as their highest overall, making them as the third-highest searchers in Europe.


Top three countries for white wine searches

  1. UK – it seems that the UK are also very fond of a delicious glass of white wine as they have taken the lead for the highest searches in Europe for white wine too!
  2. Germany – once again, Germany follows with the second-highest searches for white wine too. This is likely to be down to the local white wine variety – Riesling being very popular.
  3. Ireland – has the third-highest searches for white wine across Europe, making it a pretty popular tipple of choice in the Emerald Isle, despite rosé just stealing the lead for their most popular wine overall.


Top three countries for rosé wine searches

  1. UK – we definitely like our wine here in the UK, if our search history is anything to go by! And quite surprisingly to our team at Vintage Roots, we search for rosé the most, so it seems we have a love for the pink stuff.
  2. Ireland – rosé wine has also come out on top for Ireland and is the country’s most-searched-for wine, with an average of 800 monthly searches!
  3. Germany – Germany takes third place for rosé wine searches, although this wine doesn’t quite match the amount of searches as their favourite; red!


Bubbles, bubbles and champagne

We also carried out research using the same methodology into which countries are the biggest bubbly drinkers. Often favoured for events and celebrations around Europe as a neutral alternative to wine, champagne or prosecco is creeping up in popularity across Europe.

According to our research, Brits are officially the biggest prosecco fans and drinkers in Europe, with 71,000 average monthly searches around prosecco each month – tying into the well known love of Prosecco the Brits have. This is closely followed by Polish drinkers, with 55,000 searches. And in third place, the French have claimed the title for popular prosecco drinkers, with 30,000 monthly searches.

Neil adds: “As prosecco and sparkling wine have become more affordable, it’s easy to see why they are drunk more frequently. Given the price point, coupled with the British trend and love for a bottomless brunch, it’s not surprising to see the UK top the searches for bubbles!”

Here are the top 10 countries in Europe who are the biggest fans of prosecco with Poland, France and Italy also at the top of the list.

All this research has made us thirsty, so we’re off to raise a glass… Cheers!



Using Ahrefs, we have analysed Google search data to find each country’s average monthly search results for each wine type (red wine, white wine, rosé wine and prosecco) over the last five years to reveal their favourite, in order of “most searched for” wine type.


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