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summer bbq wines what wines to pair with a bbq

Summer is here and for many it’s also BBQ season! Apparently, more of us are BBQing now than ever before, so perhaps you’ve also wondered about which wines pair well with a BBQ and good BBQ wine pairings. We’ve put together some quick BBQ wine pairing recommendations for BBQ favourites, from burgers to sausages and veggie options too.

BBQ Wine Pairings at a Glance: What wines go well with BBQing?

Here’s a list of some classic and trusted BBQ wine pairings:

bbq wine pairings what wines go well with bbq

BBQ Wine Pairings: Things to consider when choosing a BBQ wine

The first thing is that there’s no wrong answer for BBQ wine pairings and it’s also worth experimenting to see what you like or even sticking with a trusted favourite. The wine pairing ideas listed above are some classic and reliable combinations, but personal preference always plays a big role.

When it comes to barbequed red meats specifically, bolder red wines tend to work best. This is because the umami and high fat content of the meats will balance out the tannins in the red wine, making it smoother to drink. There are so many options here, including Shiraz, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux Reds, Tempranillo, Chiantis/Sangiovese, Rhône Blends, Merlot or more rare red wines like Pinotage, Nero A’Avola, and many, many more.

For white meat and white fish, whites are a good way to go, although some lighter bodied reds (Frappato, Pinot Noir) and rosés would certainly work too, especially for fish that’s more pink in colour, like salmon or tuna.

Barbequing often involves marinades and sauces, which can change up the flavours of whatever you’re grilling. Sauces can be smoky, sweet or spicy – and there’s plenty of BBQ sauces to pick from! A quick tip to keep in mind is to choose a wine that mirrors the flavours in the sauce. So for a peppery and smoky sauce, try a rich red with plenty of backbone and even peppery or oaked notes. For a sweeter sauce, go for juicy reds or something on the sweeter side, such as a sweeter rosé or an off-dry Riesling.

If you’re barbequing with a hot sauce, however, you may want a wine that tones down the spice in the sauce. Try sparkling wines like Proseccos, sweeter rosés and whites, or lighter-bodied, fruitier reds if you love reds.

BBQ Wine Pairings: Seven recommended BBQ wines

Here are some BBQ wine pairings to get you started. You’ll see that each of these wines could be paired well with a number of barbequed items (not just one), giving a good amount of flexibility if you’re looking for some good BBQ wines.

For veggie burgers, grilled mushrooms, salmon, pork chops or other red meats

Walnut Block Collectables Pinot Noir is a glorious and expressive New Zealand Pinot Noir that would suit a range of barbequed dishes, from vegetarian ones to salmon to pork too.

For grilled mushrooms or portobello mushroom burgers, veggie burgers with mushrooms, heartier white fish

Domaine Bousquet’s Reserve Chardonnay is a lovely new world Chardonnay with plenty of richness to suit mushroom flavours well.

For barbequed veggie skewers, salmon or pork chops

The Mas de Longchamp Rosé is a pleasing southern French rosé that’s dry and crisp with a faint whisper of wild herb and spice.

For barbequed veggie burgers, pork sausages or pork chops

Although we didn’t mention Montepulciano above, it’s a medium-bodied red that would be a good match for pork chops, sausages or even heartier meat substitute veggie burgers. The Jasci Montepulciano d’Abruzzo has tasty jammy fruits that would suit meat substitute veggie burgers, pork sausages or pork chops superbly.

For barbequed veggie burgers, pork sausages or pork chops

Similar in body to Montepulciano is Grenache/Garnacha. This excellent Spanish Garnacha from 45-60-year-old vines would be another great match for meat substitute veggie burgers, pork sausages or pork chops as well.

For barbequed veggie burgers, pork sausages, pork chops, burgers or steak

With its lightly peppery and smoky flavours, Carménère is often a great BBQ wine. The Adobe Carménère Reserva is a great-value option from Emiliana Organic in Chile.

For barbequed burgers or steak

Ripe, black fruit forward and juicy, the Bohem No Added Sulphur Tempranillo would be a great fit for BBQ’d red meats like burgers and steaks.

Another option for barbequed burgers or steak

Another great option for barbequed red meats of all kinds would be this Aussie no sulphur added Shiraz from the Natural Wine Company.

Hosting a large summer gathering or BBQ?

Why not get a magnum (1.5l), twice the size of a regular wine bottle) or pick up a bag-in-box wine for a larger party. Here are some we’d recommend for BBQing.

Bodegas Latue Toscar Tinto Tempranillo Bag in Box has ripe and juicy flavours that would make a delicious match for a range of barbequed foods.

Domaine de Rousset Rosé Fruite Les Coquelicots Magnum is a delightful Provence rosé – so perfect for barbequed salmon, sausages and veggie options.

Bodegas Tempore Generacion 73 Garnacha Magnum is an incredible old-vine Grenache with a beguiling combination of delicacy and power, so ideal for a good range of barbequed foods too.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and learning more about BBQ wine pairings. Still not sure which wine is right for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask more — cheers to thinking & drinking organic.

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