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Web Exclusives

Web-exclusives are wines we get in such tiny allocations that we can only sell them in one place, so buy some bottles now before they disappear!

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  1. Richmond Plains 'Blue Moon' Sauvignon Blanc

    Nelson, New Zealand

    Astronomically a Blue Moon (when you have two full moons in one month) is a rarity, just like this wine. Just 150 cases produced of which we have secured just 150 bottles.

    £14.50 a bottle

  2. Bonterra The Butler

    California, USA

    Iconic biodynamic wine from one of the world's leading organic estates.

    £17.95 a bottle

  3. Puisseguin St. Emilion Vieilles Vignes Chateau Beausejour

    Bordeaux, France

    Fabulous small-production Puisseguin-Saint-Emilion from old vines and a great vintage.

    £27.00 a bottle

  4. Da Mhile Seaweed Gin 70cl


    Dà Mhìle Gin is an artisan botanical gin produced at the first organic farmhouse distillery in the UK.

    £32.00 a bottle

  5. Da Mhile Welsh Single Grain Whisky


    In 1992 Da Mhile produced the first organic whisky of the modern era. This historic whisky was commissioned to celebrate the new millennium and has now become one of the most collectable whiskies in the world.

    £62.00 a bottle

  6. Da Mhile Single Malt 16 Year Old Whisky


    The very last bottling (150 bottles in total) of this now 16 year old Single Malt. History in a bottle! Extremely limited stocks.

    £88.00 a bottle

6 Item(s)

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