The Festive European Dozen


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A dozen of not so-far travelled wines, to add sparkle to your festive entertaining.

A dozen of not-so-far travelled wines to add sparkle to your festive dining and entertaining this year, two whites and four reds with two bottles of each. The white pairs include two unique whites – a zesty yet deliciously moreish Chardonnay and Inzolia blend from Sicily along with two bottles of Vina Ijalba’s superb Riojan Genoli Blanco, a long-term favourite and one of their best-selling wines. For the reds, our Organic Roots Rouge is a reliable southern French perfect for lunches, parties and any occasion in between, while Bodegas Piqueras’ juicy Garnacha Tintorera is an ideal winter red too with its silky hints of ripe berries and vanilla spice. Also included are two bottles of Domaines Paul Mas’ Mon Grenache, a beautiful Languedoc red all about fruit intensity and soft drinking appeal. Lastly, ripe yet crunchy, San Vito’s Chianti is a great Christmas wine too that drinks well with turkey and red meats as it does veggie dishes too.

Reviews for these wines:

  • “This is a staple white in our house. Seems to get better with every vintage, fresh and crisp.”
  • “I received two bottles of this wine in a mixed case, and it was my favourite even though it wasn’t the most expensive, result!”
  • “Superb – a joyful discovery, the equal of any restaurant wine; balance, depth & complex fruit.”
  • “Like Chianti used to taste.Vibrant, full flavoured, punchy and still fresh. I love, love, love this wine.”
  • “I have been drinking this wine for over a year now and still really enjoy it. I find it a subtle taste that blends well with most dishes and is equally good on its own. Several of my friends have said how nice it is and where it’s from.”


Various, mixed


Various, mixed

Our mixed cases are hand-picked selections of our top organic wines and drinks to ensure you get the very best selections at the best value. They’re made up of wines and drinks from tried and trusted organic winemakers, many of whom we have dealt with for decades. We hold organic certificates for all the estates we buy from.


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