The Lalani & Co Curated Collection is a unique selection of distinctive teas for foodies, tea enthusiasts and organic, sustainable consumers.
Tea is produced in 'lots' throughout the year. As tea traders, each season Lalani & Co taste and assess many lots from artisan, family run gardens; almost all organic and committed to sustainability.
The best lots are bought and reserved for their Curated Collection. This collection is selected on quality, shipped seasonally and curated from garden to glass with full provenance.
  Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden
Jun Chiyabari is known for creating exceptional teas, arguably surpassing their Darjeeling neighbours with new methods and no-rules approach to tea making. Owned by brothers Bachan and Lochan Gyawali, the garden reaches 6000ft in Hile, Nepal. The brothers bring together their passion for natural production, wine and travelling to create a philosophy and tea making method that is unique and a closely guarded secret.
The LaKyrsiew Tea Garden
LaKyrsiew (pron. La-Keers-You) is one of India's and indeed the world's most beautiful and artisan tea gardens. Nestled into the Meghalaya highlands of North East India, LaKyrsiew is a boutique tea garden; only producing 900kg of tea in the 2011 season. It is family run by husband and wife, Geert and Nayan Linnebank. LaKyrsiew's teas and terroir are truly unique.