Stroud Brewery Premium Lager POL - Past BB Date


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Premium lager from Stroud which is very full bodied.

Premium lager from Stroud which is very full bodied, and brewed with bottom fermenting lager yeast and then cold matured. Barley, malt and three different hop styles all go into this complex, craft lager.

Gold at SIBA Wales & West 2017

Winner of a 2 Star Great Taste Award 2016

Past best before date Sept 23

Established in 2006 Stroud Brewery is a craft brewery supplying unique beers to drinkers within the 'five valleys' of the Stroud District and sharing some of what makes the area special a little further a field. They produce premium beers using high quality ingredients. They use whole hops and Cotswold grown organic malting barley. More recently the brewery has taken a more eco stance and is moving all of it's products over from glass to cans, as being lighter they have less of a carbon footprint. They aim to make outstanding beer to bring people together inspiring positive change to become more sustainable in order to protect our planet.



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