High Summer Sale 2023

To keep the outlook bright, the Vintage Roots summer sale is packed with delicious wines – all on offer. Joyfully sparkling to richly red, there’s a wine here for you. Also included are a pair of new gins, BIG rosé, and a ravishing 25 herb bitter. Mixed wine cases start at £57.00 for six, and there’s also a thirst-quenching cider case for only £44.00. Discounted wines are a great way to help the pounds stretch that bit further, but there are other ways to save a bit here and there. Firstly, there’s nothing more annoying than those small leftovers in the bottle. Why not freeze them (yes, both reds and whites!) and pop the cubes into cooking when you need them? Making red and white wine spritzers isn’t just delicious, it also makes the wine go further. Lastly – even though it’s a cost – investing in a vacuum wine stopper is a brilliant way to keep wines fresh for a day or two, after they’ve been opened.