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We are busy putting the finishing touches to our Wines & Drinks List 2019/20, which should be hitting your doorsteps in three weeks’ time. We have some very exciting new wines, including a low-alcohol red and white pair, oak-aged gin and new No Added Sulphur wines. We are adding the new wines online as soon as they arrive, so do have a look here and you could be the first to try them!

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Fizzy Rosé by Mureda 8.5% (75cl)


Delicious and super fruity rosé ‘fizz’. Drink ice cold!

Alcohol: 8.5%

In stock

Beaujolais Villages La Sambinerie (75cl)


Superb example of modern Beaujolais.

Alcohol: 12%

In stock

Naturaleza Salvaje Garnacha (75cl)


Single vineyard, natural, low intervention and organic wine of very high quality

Alcohol: 13%

In stock

Da Mhile Apple Brandy (35cl)

Warming, flavoursome brandy with the crisp sweetness of the local wild apples

Alcohol: 40%

In stock