Festive Offer Cases

What better way to get ready for Christmas or to send a gift than with one of our great value mixed cases.

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Alcohol Free Treats

Trio of special alcohol free drinks. Alcohol free used to mean bland imitations of the ‘real stuff’. The story couldn’t be more different today, with a range of exciting, sophisticated drinks on offer.

£30.25 £27.00

Triple Top Tipples

Three top choice bottles in a wooden box. A brilliant selection of some of favourite, and best-selling wines.

£49.03 £45.00

European Celebration Case!

Some stunning organic European wines. Our house Italian white gets things off to a good start with the Chardonnay/Inzolia blend in Organic Roots Bianco.

£59.03 £52.00

No Sulphur Added Festive Six

Avoid all the added sulphites whilst enjoying fabulous organic wines too! This is a fantastic case for those looking to enjoy brilliant organic wines without the sulphur.

£57.72 £54.00

The BIG Christmas Selection

A treasure trove of organic wine delights to enjoy over the festive period. This case will set you up nicely for any festive situation! Our Wild Thing Prosecco with flip top is a must have at this time of year.

£139.04 £126.00

The Vintage Festive Selection

Christmas comes but once a year! Includes Champagne, Port and Dessert wine. A fantastic mixed case featuring 12 of the best organic wines money can buy!

£191.63 £175.00