Sheppy's Organic Cider

Sheppy's Organic Cider

Somerset, England
Sheppy's Cider - NV
Product Code: JEZ06
Grape: Apples
Size: 50cl
Alcohol: 6%
There's nothing in the world quite like British cider, and this Somerset cider is as good as it gets. With a 6% ABV, it has a good amount of body, making ideal to drink with meals.
Made from home-grown organic cider apples, this is as traditional as it gets. The cider contains a unique blend of apples, such as Hangdown and Dover varieties, giving you a rich, unusual flavour that you can't help but love. The cider has a light, refreshing sparkle, and its medium taste makes it a great item to drink alone or paired with the right foods.

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£2.40 a bottle

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