Sedlescombe First Release

Sedlescombe First Release

Sussex, England
Sedlescombe Vineyard - 2015
Product Code: CEZ04
Grape: Rivaner, Solaris
Size: 75cl
Alcohol: 11%

Britain may be relatively new to winemaking and to biodynamic, but Roy Cook of Sedlescombe set the bar high with his ‘First Release’ – the first certified biodynamic English wine. It's beautifully versatile, slightly off-dry but with a wonderful freshness. It's a wine that pairs brilliantly with food (think spicy Asian cuisine or salty seafood), but it stands on its own two feet when enjoyed alone. With this wine, you get a heady dose of concentrated aroma, and zesty tropical flavours of lemon-grass, grapefruit, and gooseberry. The flavours are rich and complex, but it's a bright, cheery wine that is...

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Sedlescombe Vineyard

In 1974, Roy Cook inherited 4 hectares of land near Sedlescombe, East Sussex. He began a new life, setting out to grow sufficient organic food to feed himself plus a surplus that could be turned into cash to meet his other needs. As with many dreams of this kind, the lifestyle proved very hard… Necessity, being as always the mother of invention, Roy set out to utilise his land in other ways. ‘The land I owned was on a south-facing slope, exposed to the sun and I had all the right conditions for growing vines.’

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why buy from anywhere else Review by delaney
why buy wine from anywhere else when the english stuff is this good? (Posted on 08/10/2015)

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Sedlescombe 2014 First Release English White Wine

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