Sancerre Le Tournebride


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Firm favourite with its zesty yet generous palate. Goat's cheese anyone?!

Vincent Gaudry’s Sancerre wines are harmonious and have great balance and character. They are made using temperature controlled vinification and the wonderful crisp whites are aged “sûr lie” (which means ‘on the lees’). This Sancerre is a classic, with flinty aromas and dry citrus fruits. It quite took our breaths away when we first tried it and we feel sure you’ll love it too.


Energetic and mineral-driven, Ripe green fruits


Flinty and slightly smoky, Green apple and lime mousse

Situated in the small village of Sury-en-Vaux, just two miles outside the town of Sancerre, this fine family owned and run domaine comprises 11 hectares of vines planted on a variety of classic Sancerre terroirs. Ten hectares are planted with Sauvignon Blanc and just one hectare with Pinot Noir. The three soil types are Silex (flinty), Caillottes (limestone pebbles), Terres Blanches (limestone clay). Vincent Gaudry’s old vines, biodynamic farming and dedication to showing off the uniqueness of his distinct terroirs have earned him the reputation of being a producer of some of the most authentic expressions of Sancerre. Vincent has become a benchmark producer in the appellation. His vines have been nurtured from fastidious selections of the best of his old vines (sélection masale) and have an average age of over 40 years, but some as old as 90 years. In his passionate pursuit of 'natural' farming, Vincent was one of the very first producers to be certified biodynamic back in 2004 (by Demeter). His domaine was already certified organic (by Ecocert). Along the way, Gaudry has not been satisfied to simply follow standard practices, but he has combined his intuition and pragmatism to pioneer new methods to farm biodynamically. His yields are very low lending his wines an exceptional intensity of flavour. In the cellar, he is a traditionalist and a minimalist, with as little intervention as possible. He seeks a harmonious expression marrying his terroirs with his grapes varieties. Wines are fermented in stainless steel using native yeasts. His wines exude the place of their birth. The result is precisely delineated wines with a stony minerality and fine complexity. "Vincent Gaudry is not a vigneron who one can pass by without remark. Dedicated to his soil, his vines and nature, he cares for them and listens to them following meticulously interpreted biodynamic principles. He cultivates his 11 hectares as if it was his small private garden! In the cellar, there is no artifice, truthfully it is all about wines of purity, precision and sincerity."  Gault & Millau.



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  1. Very fine

    A great wine to have on a special occasion. It really is very fine and worth the money.


  2. Excellent

    Great example of what proper Sancerre can taste like. So much supermarket stuff is made to a pricepoint rather than quality level, but this really hit the mark.Worth paying a bit extra for the real thing.


  3. Refined

    Lots of flavour, but not oaky or full bodied