Samuel Smiths Apricot Fruit Beer

Samuel Smiths Apricot Fruit Beer

Yorkshire, England
Samuel Smiths - NV
Product Code: IEZ42
Grape: Unspecified
Size: 35cl
Alcohol: 5.1%
For those who love a bit of fruit in their beer, this Sam Smith brew is the ideal option! It has enough kick (5% ABV) to give it a proper beery taste, but its soft flavours are ideal for any fruit lover.
The beer is brewed from a balanced mash of malt and hops, mixed with organic apricot juice. The result is a powerful beer with all the rich fruit flavours of apricot to match the malty, hoppy notes. The beer is mature and smooth, and blends beautifully with the organic juice.

Samuel Smiths

A small independent, and the oldest brewery in Yorkshire. The original well, sunk in 1758, draws water from 85 feet underground for the ales and stouts. 

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£2.40 a bottle

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