Riedenburger Hefe-Weizen Weisse Wheat beer



Stunningly good! From the wheat beer specialists. Past best before date but still drinking as it should.
For those who want the classic Oktoberfest flavours in their home every day, this German beer is the one to try. Produced in Bavaria, the wheat beer is surprisingly flavourful. Not only do you get the classic mixture of wheat and barley malt that makes Weissbier such a popular choice, but there are citrus zest hints that complement the slightly spicy, yeasty aromas. The orange undercurrents give it a beautifully rich flavour, and adds a touch of bitterness to the light-bodied beer. For those who love just a touch of hops, you can't help but enjoy the subtle hints beneath the malt notes. It's the perfect beer to serve with red meat and poultry! Recommended in the Guardian by Fiona Beckett, 'Made in a fresher, more citrussy style... great with roast chicken or pork'. September 2013 Best before date November 2021
Riedenburger Brauhaus has stood for a great tradition of beer brewing since 1866. Originally known for their top-fermented wheat beers, the brewery has focused exclusively on organic beers since 1994. They have a strong environmental philosophy and their integrated management system is based on ISO 9001 and Öko-Audit, as well as Bioland regulations.



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