Pri Secco - Organic Cuvée Nr 21 Alcohol Free 37.5cl

Swabian, Germany
Jörg Geiger- NV
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Size: 37.5cl
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Swabian, Germany
Jörg Geiger- NV

The basis of this cuvée is apples and pears from old organic orchards, rounded off by hay blossoms and biodynamic 'naked' barley roasted in copper pans. It has the most delightful fragrance of a summer meadow. The fruit taste is exhilirating and racey, yet balanced too, with stunning freshness in the aftertaste. Drink chilled in a wine glass and you will forget there's no alcohol.

Great Taste Award 2018

Jörg Geiger

Open your mind to new 'drink' possibilities? Ex winemaker Jörg has turned his talents to top level, organic and alcohol free sparkling juice drinks to really offer an interesting alternative to 'wine'. Made in southwest Germany's Swabian region, and produced using heritage organic meadow fruits (apples and pears of special variety), blended with herbs, spices and flowers, gathered wild from the same area. As complex and versatile as the finest sparkling wines, these are unique and innovative drinks which deserve to be enjoyed. With very fine bubbles and intense flavours they are perfect for fine dining, or for treating the driver.
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