Papagayo Organic Reserva Rum (70cl)



Hedonistic aged rum
This 'Reserva' Rum is a stunning addition to the Papagayo range. Aged in oak casks including organic wine casks. It is carefully blended with no extra sugar or caramel additions, as is common with other rums. It is also non-chill filtered so as to retain maximum flavour. Distilled in small batches in a remote area of Paraguay from organic certified and cooperatively farmed sugar cane molasses. The high quality of the organic molasses together with careful oak ageing in the unique climate of Paraguay combine to produce this super smooth rum. Tasting note Nose: Notes of honey, apricots and pears. Opening up with floral elegance. Palate: Warm spices and honey Finish: Seville orange and delightful warmth
Multi-award winning spirits distilled with care in the heart of London.



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