Organic Rosé Wines

Organic Rosé Wines

A glass of rosé is perfect on a sunny afternoon with nibbles, but we also have some serious Provence styles that are true food wines in their own right. Rosé wines are made all over the world, pretty much everywhere that red or white wines are made, in fact. Because of this, styles of rosé can vary just as much as styles of red or whites can, with light, delicately-spiced Provence rosés from France, and fuller-bodied, darker examples from South America.
Rosé wine is made from one or more red grape varieties that are crushed into a pulp and left to macerate with the skins. The juice is then filtered and fermented in tanks. There is no colour in the grape flesh, so the longer the maceration process, the deeper the colour. Keeping the juice in contact with the skins also gives the finished product a more tannic character. Paler rosés generally offer a lighter, fresher taste and flavour, while darker colours indicate a fuller-bodied wine with flavours approaching those of red wines.

Country and region of origin can influence the style of the wine. Those made in France are usually drier, while those originating in the new world are more known for having a sweeter taste and aroma. There are exceptions, of course, as some varieties in South America are bone-dry, while some European variants have higher fruit sugar content.

If sweet and fruity are your taste preferences, then you can’t go wrong with pinot noir, which is light in colour and has soft fruit flavours. If you enjoy a fuller flavour, then Malbec is an excellent choice that’s noted for its darker colour and closer resemblance to red wine. Merlot and Grenache are other good choices if you want something that falls in between these styles.

If you enjoy wine in general, then rosé wine offers enough selections to suit various palate preferences. It can also have a lighter alcoholic content, particularly English rosés, making it a top choice if you want to enjoy a glass of wine without feeling too tipsy.

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  1. Toscar Rosé

    La Mancha, Spain

    This has to be one of our best value pinks.

    £7.50 a bottle

  2. Wild Thing Rosé

    La Mancha, Spain

    A true summery rosé, supporting The Born Free Foundation's work worldwide to save animals lives, stop suffering, rescue individuals and protect species.

    £7.95 a bottle

  3. Domaine de Brau Rosé

    Languedoc-Roussillon, France

    Lovely, dry structured rosé that shines with food

    £8.35 a bottle

  4. Adobe Rose Reserva

    Rapel Valleys, Chile

    Everything you want from a rosé in expressive refreshment.

    £8.35 a bottle

  5. Mas de Longchamp Rosé IGP Alpilles

    Rhône Valley, France

    Southern French rosé that has been made from grapes that have absorbed the Mediterranean sunshine.

    £8.75 a bottle

  6. Albet i Noya Curiosa Rosat

    Penedès, Spain

    Supremely good Catalonian pink that's captured many hearts

    £9.95 a bottle

  7. Luisa Merlot Spumante Extra Dry

    Veneto, Italy

    A crowd pleasing delicious rosé made from 100% Merlot.

    £9.99 a bottle

  8. Domaine Bousquet Rosé

    Mendoza, Argentina

    Engaging, cherry-flavoured rosé with refreshing sweetness

    £10.75 a bottle

  9. Domaine Jas d'Esclans AOC Côtes de Provence Cru Classé

    Provence, France

    Everyone loves a Provence rosé... excellent drunk with fish

    £11.75 a bottle

  10. Meinklang Pinot Noir Frizzante Prosa

    Burgenland, Austria

    Bright and breezy, lightly-sparkling rosé

    £11.99 a bottle

Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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Grape variety:
  1. Cabernet Sauvignon (3)
  2. Caladoc (1)
  3. Cinsault (3)
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  8. Pinot Meunier (1)
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  10. Syrah / Shiraz (3)
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  2. Austria (1)
  3. Chile (1)
  4. England (2)
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  6. Italy (1)
  7. Spain (3)
By region:
  1. Burgenland (1)
  2. Champagne (2)
  3. East Sussex (1)
  4. La Mancha (2)
  5. Languedoc-Roussillon (1)
  6. Mendoza (1)
  7. Penedès (1)
  8. Provence (2)
  9. Rapel Valleys (1)
  10. Rhône Valley (1)
  11. Surrey (1)
  12. Veneto (1)
  1. Vegan (14)
  2. Biodynamic (4)
  3. Low Sulphur (4)
  4. Screwcap (6)
  5. Lower Alcohol (3)

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