Organic Roots Rosso (75cl)



Brilliant, light-bodied red full of crunchy red fruits. Perfect for pasta
Brilliant, light-bodied red full of crunchy red fruits. Consistently reliable organic Italian red wine that wins fans whenever it is tasted. Very soft, very drinkable, it’s towards a Valpolicella style. The all-rounder wine that will take on any pasta dish. Enjoy! The skilful, exclusive blend of grape varieties makes for an easily enjoyable bottle of wine that is both organic and authentically styled. Fresh, juicy and clean it offers flavours that recall blackcurrant, dark cherry and plum. A thoroughly enjoyable everyday red that will take on any pasta dish. Blended from choice Cabernet Sauvignon, Corvina (as in Valpolicella), Merlot and Syrah/Shiraz.


Refrehsing red fruit


Inviting red summer berries

Our 'Organic Roots' are laid down with these classic, accessible, great value wines from brilliant organic vineyards across Europe. Supplied in from longstanding producers that we have been friends with for over 30 years.



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  1. Yummy red

    I usually prefer white to red, but I really enjoyed this bottle which is so light and fruity that it didn’t taste heavy and dry like some reds can be.


  2. Delicious red

    Delicious red wine, really fruity and rich. I made mulled wine with a bottle of this and it worked really well.


  3. Too light for me

    I really don’t like this ! For me it tastes a little vinegary and has no body. I shan’t be choosing it again. I see another reviewer used it to make mulled wine and I can imagine it would work well for that, but not for drinking on its own.

    Helena (verified owner)

  4. Great easy drinking red

    For the money this is great value, nice easy drinking red.


  5. Much too light – good for mulled wine or as a vinegar

    Robert Phillips (verified owner)


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