Organic Malbec Wines

Organic Malbec Wines

For years, Malbec was a little known grape used primarily in the big wines of Cahors. In recent times, however, Argentina has moved Malbec wine to centre stage, with a plethora of producers making delicious wines from Malbec at very reasonable prices. The grapes are inky and dark, with robust tannins.

They are one of the six grapes permitted in Bordeaux blends, although it is only used in small quantities here. Malbec wines have a rich, deep colour, and a flavour reminiscent of plums.

Scroll down the list of the best Malbec wines below to find one that suits your tastes. Hint: the multi-award winning Malbecs from Domaine Bousquet are some of our most popular wines.

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  1. Domaine Bousquet Malbec half bottle (37.5cl)

    Mendoza, Argentina

    As with the Bousquet Chardonnay, there's a desire to let the quality of the fruit speak for itself, so the wine is aged in oak for just six months before being put into bottle.

    £6.30 a bottle

  2. Adobe Malbec Reserva

    Colchagua Valley, Chile

    The popular Malbec grape given a slightly different treatment

    £8.35 a bottle

  3. AOC Cahors Prieuré de Cénac Mission

    Cahors, France

    Fantastic Malbec from its spiritual home in Cahors.

    £9.75 a bottle

  4. Domaine Bousquet Malbec

    Mendoza, Argentina

    Consistently impressive this elegant red is one of our favourites. 92 Points - Best Buy - Wine & Spirits Magazine

    £10.75 a bottle

  5. Domaine Bousquet Reserve Malbec

    Mendoza, Argentina

    Bit of a hunk this. Oodles of fruit wrapped in vanilla oak

    £13.95 a bottle

  6. Gaia Malbec / Syrah / Cabernet Sauvignon

    Mendoza, Argentina

    Hedonistic blend from the great Domaine Bousquet

    £16.50 a bottle

  7. Domaine Bousquet Grande Reserve Malbec

    Mendoza, Argentina

    Turbo-charged with elegance… a sort of liquid Aston Martin!

    £19.75 a bottle

  8. Malbec Premium Magnum

    Tupungato, Argentina

    One of our best sellers now in larger Magnum format. 

    £22.00 a bottle

  9. Domaine Bousquet Ameri Single Vineyard

    Tupungato, Argentina

    The new 'icon' wine from Bousquet, pushing quality levels still higher.

    £25.00 a bottle

  10. Alpamanta Terroir (Reserva) Malbec

    Mendoza, Argentina

    'Alpamanta' literally means 'love for the earth' and that really is what we need.

    £28.00 a bottle

10 Item(s)

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