Organic Calvados

Organic Calvados

Calvados is a wonderful spirit, where the pure apple fruit flavours are enhanced and concentrated through distillation and gentle maturation. Calvados is a type of French apple brandy with origins dating back to Napoleonic times where it was used as an antiseptic by the Navy. Even to this day, true calvados is made in France using cidre produced from orchards in Normandy.

Apples grown in conventional farms are known to contain pesticide residue. Sustainable farms only use natural cultivation methods that have been in practice long before the advent of GMOs and chemical preservatives.

Bring a glass to your nose, and your nostrils will immediately take in a strong apple aroma and hints of floral and honey notes. The taste is fresh, round, and supple with a balance of natural sweetness and bitterness that you would expect from a cidre-based drink. More than 200 apple varieties, though, are used for making the time-honoured French brandy, so tasting notes vary depending on apple type and specific blend. Some may be sweeter, while others more bitter, acidic, or bittersweet.

Calvados production is also broken down into one of three sub-appellations with the following designations:

• AOC Calvados – made from apples and/or pear and distilled in a single column still with at least two years of aging in oak casks.

• AOC Domfontais – consists of a minimum of 30% pears. Distilled in a single column and aged in oak casks for at least three years.

• AOC Calvados Pays d’Auge – cidre fermented for a minimum of six weeks after being double-distilled in a Charentais pot still. Aged in oak casks for two or more years.

As with the Cognacs of Guy Pinard, Domaine Cinq Autels age their spirits for much longer than the minimum required. Their V.S.O.P. Calvados is aged for at least five years (legal minimum is two years), while their Hors d’Age is aged for eight years (minimum is six years).

For a smooth and light tasting spirit with warm apple flavours, give Calvados VSOP Cinq Autels a try. The brand is produced from Normandy and meets all the standards of organic calvados. If you enjoy brandy and the naturally sweet and sour note of apples, then calvados is the ideal drink best enjoyed in the company of close friends and family. Calvados is a wonderful spirit, where the pure apple fruit flavours are enhanced and concentrated through distillation and gentle maturation.

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  1. Calvados Hors d'Age Cinq Autels 35cl

    Normandy, France

    A sublime elixir.

    £21.50 a bottle

  2. Calvados VSOP Cinq Autels

    Normandy, France

    Smooth, light spirit with warm apple flavours

    £29.99 a bottle

2 Item(s)

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