Organic Burgundy Wines

Organic Burgundy Wines

Located in Eastern France, Burgundy is a wine region located along the valleys and slopes to the west of the Saône River, the smaller tributary of the Rhone River. With more than 29,000 hectares of planted land, there are over 100 different AOC classified vineyards--more than anywhere else in France! Is it any surprise that the Burgundy wine region is one of the most popular in the country?

Burgundy is famous for two wines:
•Dry reds produced using Pinot Noir grapes
•Dry whites produced using Chardonnay grapes

These two are considered "true Burgundys". The region is highly terroir-conscious, with emphasis placed on keeping the soil and ground conditions just right for growing the most natural wine possible. There are many excellent organic Burgundy wine options for all flavour preferences!

Burgundy is a region for romantics, with the subtly complex Chardonnay and the fickle, ethereal Pinot Noir bringing joy to those willing to try them. Restrained Chablis and Cotes d'Auxerre wines hail from the North of the region, and the fun, energetic wines of Beaujolais are in the South.

The Burgundy reds are famous for their flavours of plums, cherry stones, and game. They age beautifully, and have the minerality and acid balance for which Burgundy is renowned. The Burgundy whites are known for their floral aromas, along with the scents of dried grass. The flavours include fresh apples, melon and pears, with subtle hints of hazelnuts.

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  1. AOC Beaujolais Quatre Saisons

    Beaujolais, France

    A traditional-style Beaujolais - but better! 'Another delicious wine from Chasselay that comes highly recommended at this price' Neal Martin

    £11.50 a bottle

  2. AOC Bourgogne Côtes d'Auxerre Chardonnay

    Burgundy, France

    A golden coloured glass of true Burgundian class. Ten Best Chardonnays - The Independent

    £13.95 a bottle

  3. AOC Bourgogne Côtes d'Auxerre Pinot Noir

    Burgundy, France

    Classic Burgundy style, a light and delicate Pinot with good crunchy tannins and gentle violet and cherry flavours intermingling on the palate.

    £13.95 a bottle

  4. Bourgogne Grand Ordinaire Chardonnay

    Burgundy, France

    Pineapple, almond and fresh minerality. Ample Burgundy.

    £13.95 a bottle

  5. AOC Fleurie Beaujolais Cru Chasselay

    Beaujolais, France

    Great example of how good Beaujolais can be.

    £15.75 a bottle

  6. AOC Chablis Domaine Jean Goulley

    Burgundy, France

    Has the hallmark flinty quality that makes Chablis so famous

    £15.95 a bottle

  7. AOC Morgon Beaujolais Cru Chasselay

    Beaujolais, France

    A stunning example of the new breed of Beaujolais.

    £16.95 a bottle

  8. Bourgogne Pinot Noir

    Burgundy, France

    Well made organic red Burgundy from a great producer. Good value.

    £18.95 a bottle

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  9. AOC Chablis 1er Cru Montmains Domaine Goulley

    Burgundy, France

    From one of the top premier cru vineyard sites. Taste the quality

    £21.75 a bottle

  10. AOC Meursault Les Tillets Jean Javillier

    Burgundy, France

    Weighty, mouth-filling, literally golden wine. Very fine indeed

    £27.50 a bottle

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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