Organic Beers

Organic Beers

The world of beer is enjoying a global renaissance, with many organic producers at the forefront. We have some pre-mixed cases available, or feel free to choose your own selection. Whether at home or in the bar, there is no better way to quench your thirst than with a glass of cold beer.

When you buy organic beer online, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of flavours and aromas produced from different regions spanning across the globe. For a little sweet flavouring, Fullers Organic Honey Dew provides a natural flavouring of raw organic honey. If, on the other hand, you prefer the strong and dry texture of wheat beer, then try Belgium’s Daas Witte Bier. Whatever your choice, you won’t do your tongue and palate justice unless the beer comes from an organic source.

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  1. Riedenburger Low-Alcohol Lager

    Pfalz, Germany

    The very best low-alcohol, organically-certified lager we could find.

    £1.60 a bottle

  2. Freedom Organic Helles Lager

    Staffordshire, England

    Delicious lager which has a rounded malty flavour with a subtle bitterness and smooth caramel undertone.

    £1.75 a bottle

  3. Blonde Lager 33cl Gluten Free

    Sussex, England

    Hallertau' hops deliver a floral note, and the purity of flavour is protected by meticulous cold filtration. Gluten Free

    £1.75 a bottle

  4. Sam Smiths Organic Pale Ale 35cl

    Yorkshire, England

    This top-quality ale continues to be hugely popular.

    £1.85 a bottle

  5. Sam Smiths Organic Lager 35cl

    Yorkshire, England

    Brilliant organic lager from those top Tadcaster beer makers.

    £1.85 a bottle

  6. Fullers Organic Honey Dew Ale 33cl

    London, England

    It's beery enough to please beer lovers, but has enough difference from the organic honey flavours to appeal to a wider audience.

    £1.85 a bottle

  7. Cannabia

    Bavaria, Germany

    Hemp and hops are in the same family. A great, dry lager.

    £1.95 a bottle

  8. Daas Witte Bier Gluten Free

    Hainaut, Belgium

    Daas Witte is a naturally cloudy Belgian wheat beer.

    £1.99 a bottle

  9. Laverstoke Park Farm Organic Pilgrim's Lager

    Hampshire, England

    A multi award winning lager that's smooth, fresh and satisfying.

    £2.09 a bottle

  10. Laverstoke Park Farm Organic Ale

    Hampshire, England

    A local brew to Vintage Roots HQ, made using the best organic hops and barley. Best before end of November 2015

    £2.09 a bottle

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Items 1 to 10 of 39 total

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