No Sulphur Added Festive Dozen


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Wines to thrill the taste buds, whilst minimising the additives and helping keep the headaches at bay.

Twelve of our top no sulphur added wines to thrill the taste buds this year whilst also minimising additives and keeping the morning headaches at bay! For the two whites it’s a pair of the extremely popular white from Stellar Organics, one of the world’s largest vineyards committed to organic winemaking. Next is Giol’s no sulphur Pinot Grigio, a richer and more expressive style of this popular Italian white that’s crisp yet well balanced with succulent creamy peach and apricot flavours. For the reds you’ll find two bottles of Bohem’s popular black fruit forward and juicy Tempranillo, along with two of Stellar’s pure no sulphur and fruit-filled Shiraz. The four remaining bottles are Santa Tresa’s soft and supple Insieme, one of our most popular and top-reviewed no sulphur reds. Last but not least, with its elegant and round blackcurrant and cassis notes and cedar spiced finish, is Greenia’s remarkable southern French Cabernet Sauvignon. More purer wines would be extremely difficult to find, and they make great gifts to have on hand also.

Reviews for these wines:

  • “This is definitely not a bland, boring Pinot – lots of flavour and quite a deep colour.”
  • “Was told about this wine by a friend as I have problems with sulphites in wines, what a great find! Lovely and fresh with plenty of fruit, fairly traded as well.”
  • “What I love about this, apart from the taste, is that I can feel like I’m staying healthy while drinking it! Lower alcohol, no sulphur, fair trade, etc”
  • “From a case of mixed reds, this was the standout … lovely pure fruit taste, like sophisticated strawberry jam. And no hangover the next day”
  • “Five stars awarded considering quality and price. Whether you are forced to drink ‘no added sulphur’ wine or not this is still a great wine.”


Various, mixed


Various, mixed

Our mixed cases are hand-picked selections of our top organic wines and drinks to ensure you get the very best selections at the best value. They’re made up of wines and drinks from tried and trusted organic winemakers, many of whom we have dealt with for decades. We hold organic certificates for all the estates we buy from.


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