New Products for 2016

New Products for 2016

It's that time of year where everything is changing. Sad news that we have had to delist a few of our products but also good news as our newly listed products have already started arriving, here is what we currently have in stock.

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  1. Gasping Goose Organic Cider

    Herefordshire, England

    Medium-dry, lightly sparkling cider from Herefordshire

    £1.75 a bottle

  2. Black Isle Goldfinch Gluten Free IPA


    Full-flavoured, lower-alcohol, gluten-free craft beer - what's not to like?!

    £2.15 a bottle

  3. Pri Secco - Organic Cuvée Nr 25 Alcohol Free 37.5cl

    Swabian, Germany

    Alcohol-free sparkling apple and pear with hawthorn, blackcurrant, Douglas Fir, sloes and spices

    £5.99 a bottle

  4. Pri Secco - Organic Cuvée Nr 29 Alcohol Free

    Swabian, Germany

    Alcohol-free sparkling apple and pear drink with rose-hip and spices.

    £5.99 a bottle

  5. Helios Riesling Italian

    DOC Recas CMD, Romania

    Stunning-value Romanian white

    £7.85 a bottle

  6. Helios Pinot Noir

    DOC Recas CMD, Romania

    Probably the best-value Pinot Noir in the world!

    £7.85 a bottle

  7. Helios Cabernet Sauvignon

    DOC Recas CMD, Romania

    Rich, smooth Cabernet from Romania

    £7.85 a bottle

  8. No Sulphur Added Pinotage

    Western Cape, South Africa

    South Africa's flagship grape variety, Pinotage, made with no added sulphur.

    Was: £8.50

    Now: £7.99

  9. Adobe Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

    Rapel Valleys, Chile

    Oak-aged Cabernet so smooth it's impossible to resist.

    £8.35 a bottle

  10. IGT Marca Trevigiana Chardonnay

    Veneto, Italy

    Unoaked, light style of Chardonnay that's great with or without food. Gold Medal - Millesime Bio 2016

    £8.50 a bottle

Items 1 to 10 of 51 total

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