Mixed Cases

Mixed Cases

Choose a gift that is good for the recipient, and the environment: we have delicious organic choices available including vegan and fair trade, all at fantastic prices! We also have gift vouchers.

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  1. Was: £29.90

    Now: £27.00

  2. Stroud Brewery Mixed Case

    British craft brewing at its best!

    Was: £33.15

    Now: £30.00

  3. Hip Hops Real Beer Case

    Five different organic, artisan beers from expert brewers in England, Scotland and Bavaria.


  4. Six Bottle Wild Thing Red and White Case

    Three bottles each of Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot from the Wild Thing range.


  5. £57.00

  6. No Sulphur Added Reds

    Big on flavour, lowest possible on sulphur added.


  7. No Sulphur Added Collection Case

    Great tasting wines with No Sulphur Additions. A healthier choice

    Was: £122.62

    Now: £118.00

7 Item(s)

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