Marlborough Organic Wines

Marlborough Organic Wines

Who knew New Zealand could produce such amazing wines? Unknown to most wine-drinkers just a decade or two ago, Marlborough has become synonymous with the unique style of Sauvignon Blanc produced in the region. Located at the northern tip of the South Island, the region is dry, making it perfect for hardier grape varieties like Sauvignon Blanc.

With hot days and cool nights, the ripening period is much longer than in other parts of the world. The terroir here is excellent, producing wines that balance intensity and purity, with flavours that have strong fruit notes and heady aromas with plenty of acidity and crisp freshness. Wine lovers from around the world pay top money for the quality Sauvignon Blanc wines produced in this region.

Marlborough also produces some great Pinot Noir and other varieties, but check out the Walnut Block and Collectables Sauvignon Blancs to see what they do best. If you want organic Marlborough wine, or high quality biodynamic wine from the Nelson region there are plenty of excellent vintages to choose from!

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  1. Walnut Block - Collectables Sauvignon Blanc

    Marlborough, New Zealand

    Quintessential Marlborough, and a style so many of us love, this wine has powerful aromatics and superb fruit intensity.

    £10.90 a bottle

  2. Walnut Block 'Nutcracker' Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

    Marlborough, New Zealand

    Aromas and flavours of stone fruit, ripe citrus and guava are revealed on a richly textured palate lifted and balanced by the grapes natural acidity.

    £13.95 a bottle

  3. The Collectables Pinot Noir

    Marlborough, New Zealand

    This screams out 'Pinot' on all fronts, and manages to be delicate too.

    £14.90 a bottle

  4. Walnut Block Nutcracker Pinot Noir

    Marlborough, New Zealand

    Beautiful Pinot Noir from the incredibly talented Sowman brothers. 

    £20.95 a bottle

4 Item(s)

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