Loire Valley Organic Wines

Loire Valley Organic Wines

The Loire wine region is located in the Loire Valley, following the Loire River through the center of France. It starts at the hills of Auvergne and travels west to Nantes, on the Atlantic Coast. The Loire Valley produces roughly 4 million h/L every year, and the region is known for its top-quality wines! It is the second-largest wine producer in the country, with only Champagne putting out more wine every year.

Most of the wine produced here is white--made from Melon de Bourgogne, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chenin Blanch grapes. There are a few famous reds produced in the Loire Valley, specifically those made in the Chinon region, using Cabernet Franc grapes.

The flavours of the Loire wines tend to be fruit-heavy, with crisper, fresher flavours while the wines are still young. Aged Loire wines are heady and complex, making them some of the most sought-after wines not only in France, but in Europe and the rest of the world.

Considering that the region stretches across the breadth of France, it has a sufficiently varied terroir to make it impossible to sum up the region in a few simple words. The wines produced in the Loire Valley are as varied and delightful as the climate and ecology of the region. The organic Loire Valley wine really is as good as it gets!

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  1. IGP Val de Loire Brochet Sauvignon Blanc

    Loire Valley, France

    A Sauvignon to make your taste buds wake up and say 'wow'!

    £10.85 a bottle

  2. AOC Touraine Sauvignon Blanc Chateau Gaillard

    Loire Valley, France

    Breathtakingly good Sauvignon Blanc. Sprightly and intense

    £10.95 a bottle

  3. IGP Val de Loire Alias Pinot Noir No Added Sulphur

    Loire Valley, France

    The absence of sulphur allows even greater fruit intensity.

    £11.25 a bottle

  4. AOC Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie Cuvée Les Laures

    Loire Valley, France

    More minerality and terroir features in this special Muscadet.

    £12.50 a bottle

  5. AOC Cremant de Loire Clemence Guery Brut NV

    Loire Valley, France

    Excellent, traditional French fizz at a fantastic price.

    £12.95 a bottle

  6. AOC Chinon Le Clos de la Bonneliere

    Loire Valley, France

    Join the ranks of fans of this crunchy, blue-fruited red

    £12.95 a bottle

  7. AOC Sancerre Christian Dauny

    Loire Valley, France

    Gooseberry, lemon and lime… it's got to be Sauvignon Blanc

    £13.95 a bottle

  8. AOC Sancerre Le Tournebride

    Loire Valley, France

    Firm favourite with its zesty yet generous palate. Goat's cheese anyone?! 90 Points - The Wine Gang

    £18.50 a bottle

8 Item(s)

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