We all know that great minds think alike . . . and so here is our selection of great-minded people, businesses and organisations.
Great places to shop or visit

London Cookery School, Little Portland Street – www.cookeryschool.co.uk

South west
Places to eat or stay
South East Beeches Grill – www.beechesgrill.co.uk
South West
Northern England
Café Bean Goose, Holy Island www.cafebeangoose.co.uk


Kindred Spirits
www.onegreenearth.com – Online Solar Powered Directory of Green Businesses.
www.communityfoods.co.uk – Experts in Organic and Natural Foods since 1971.
www.spiralcellars.co.uk – Professional wine storage in your home wine cellar.
www.thefabulousfruitcakecompany.co.uk – The name says it all, Fabulous Fruitcakes!
  • www.whyorganic.org – Still not persuaded? This site explains why organic food is good for you!
  • www.good-energy.co.uk – It only takes five minutes to switch to 100% renewable electricity
  • www.greenbooks.co.uk– An independent UK publishing company, producing books on a wide range of environmental and cultural issues
  • www.soilassociation.org.uk – The Soil Association is the UK’s leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming
  • www.shared-interest.org.uk – An organisation working to provide finance for fair trade
  • www.slowfood.com – An international association that promotes food and wine culture, whilst defending food and agricultural biodiversity worldwide
  • www.organicfacts.net – Organic Facts: Source of factual information on different aspects of organic methods
  • www.naturesave.co.uk– Natursave Policies Ltd – ethical insurance intermediary
  • www.thephone.coop– The Phone Co-op – business and residential greener telecoms services
  • www.trigonos.org– Trigonos – an inspiring conference and residential centre in the Snowdonia National Park
  • www.ecology.co.uk– Ecology Building Society promotes the concept of sustainability through its mortgage lending and offer a range of ethical savings accounts
  • www.barchestergreen.co.uk – Ethical Investment Company – an independent financial adviser (IFA) with a difference
  • www.ecomerchant.co.uk – Ecomerchant – The UK’s leading environmental builders’ merchant
  • www.greenpeople.co.uk – Green People – organic skin care and natural hair care for all the family
  • www.greenstat.co.uk – The Green Stationery Company – the UK’s premier recycled paper and green office products supplier
  • www.umawylde.com – BBC Radio Wiltshire’s resident chef and Vintage Roots customer
  • www.organicwinefind.com – Great list of organic wine suppliers from all over the world.