Jasci DOC Trebbiano d’Abruzzo


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Straw yellow, this elegant wine has gentle peach and yellow plum flavours that are not too dry.

Located at 250 metres above sea level from the Adriatic coastal town of Vasto in Abruzzo. This form of Trebbiano grape produces attractively light and fresh wines, when left to shine following fermentation and lees ageing in stainless steel. Fragrant white flowers and pineapple fruit flavours are edged with a herbal, almost salty textured feel on the finish.


Ripe pineapple and melon fruit


Delicate flower and stone fruit


The Jasci family has been producing wine for three generations, focusing all their efforts on the pursuit of absolute quality in each and every bottle they produce. A passion for wine that was born with grandfather Pasquale and his wife Maria in the 1960s, growing over the years thanks to his son Giuseppe and his wife Irma, who took the historic decision to move to organic viticulture and winemaking in 1980. The same dedication to quality and authenticity was handed down in the early 1990s to Donatello Jasci and his wife Piera, who lead the company today but still with the help and participation of their predecessors in order to tap into their vast experience. Donatello recalls 'We started growing organic grapes back in the 70s... and we were one of the first of the to get certified. My mother was getting sick and they found out that it the treatments used in the vineyards were the cause. We changed everything overnight and there was no option to go back for us. We never regretted that decision! We live in such a beautiful place where sea and mountains are close by and we want our wines delivering such purity.' Donatello’s approach in the cellar is consistent with his farming: clean and simple. The wines see little or no oak and have a purity of flavour that is rare at the price. The Jasci philosophy is based on the idea of being an increasingly eco-friendly company respecting the environment with which it is closely linked, and able to combine the best of modern technologies with the best of traditions. All winemaking procedures are personally overseen by the Jasci family, a tradition that has been the case for decades and shows how the attention to every detail is a top priority here. Indigenous grape varieties grown here include Montepulciano, Trebbiano and Pecorino.



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