Individual Wines

Individual Wines

Choose a gift that is good for the recipient, and the environment: we have delicious organic choices available including vegan and fair trade, all at fantastic prices! We also have gift vouchers.

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  1. Limited Release No Added Sulphur Organic White

    Western Cape, South Africa

    A welcome return of our No Added Sulphur white from the excellent Stellar estate in South Africa.

    £8.75 a bottle

  2. Pennard Organic Mead Liqueur


    'Nectar of the Gods'

    £14.50 a bottle

  3. Casal Jordoes Finest Reserve Port

    Douro, Portugal

    Enticing raisin, fig, dark chocolate fruits in this enduringly popular port.

    £17.95 a bottle

  4. AOC Côtes du Rhone Villages Magnum

    AOC Côtes du Rhône, France

    With really concentrated, yet pure red fruit flavour this is a fantastic wine with food, and the magnum size makes this perfect for dinner parties and long evenings.

    Drink now Suitable for vegans
    £29.00 a bottle

  5. AOC Champagne Fleury Blanc de Noirs

    Champagne, France

    Enduringly popular Champagne from one of the best producers.

    £29.50 a bottle

  6. AOC Champagne Fleury Rosé

    Champagne, France

    Breathtakingly elegant; inarguably excellent with fish

    £36.00 a bottle

  7. Casal Jordoes Vintage Port 2011

    Douro, Portugal

    Multi-layered port from an incredible vintage. A real treat

    £42.00 a bottle

  8. AOC Champagne Fleury Blanc de Noirs (magnum)

    Champagne, France

    Truly excellent Champers. Visually magnificent in magnum

    £64.00 a bottle

8 Item(s)

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