Vintage Roots Exclusive Agencies

The estates below are just a couple of examples of our exclusive agencies – we have many more!  


Domaine Bousquet

The world's most awarded organic wine producer - not a bad achievement for a venture that began with a Frenchman leaving his home in 1990 in search of the ideal place to make wine. The amazing site he found is located at an altitude of 1200 metres (higher than Snowdon!), with a cool climate, fresh air and water so pure it is the spring for one of the country's most popular mineral waters. These factors all help optimum grape maturation, and the talented winemakers at the Domaine capture this in glass, making wines that are naturally elegant with incredible colour, beautiful fruit character, good structure with velvety style and a perfect sugar/acid balance.



Barone Pizzini

The Pizzini family arrived in Franciacorta in the 1870's.  Since then, the estates  have passed through many generations of the same family, until in the 1990's a group of local wine entrepreneurs, bought the estate and started to invest in the business putting people, and the environment first. Organic techniques followed and soon they expanded their horizons by investing and buying new properties in the Maremma Toscana area and in the Marche, Castelli di Jesi. With a full range of wines from three important wine regions of Italy, Barone Pizzini are a dynamic, quality driven group whose wines are enjoying increasing recognition. We are very pleased to be working with more of their wines in the UK this year.


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