English, Scottish & Welsh Liqueurs

English, Scottish & Welsh Liqueurs

Apart from some excellent wines closer to home, we also love other fruits and are rather partial to something a little sweeter, to drink neat, or to mix in cocktails and longer drinks. Liqueurs Liqueurs are prepared with distilled spirit and blended with fruits, herbs, spices or nuts etc, and with the addition of some sugar. Why not treat yourself or someone else, to something special this festive season? Remember these drinks keep when open for weeks or months

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  1. Pennard Organic Mead Liqueur


    'Nectar of the Gods'

    £14.50 a bottle

  2. Pennard Organic Ginger Liqueur

    Somerset, England

    Full of mellow sweetness with the spicy warmth of ginger.

    £14.50 a bottle

  3. Dà Mhìle Orange Liqueur 33


    Hugely versatile liqueur with delicious zesty flavour.

    £14.99 a bottle

  4. Blackcurrant Liqueur

    Oxfordshire, England

    From the Oxfordshire region of Britain comes this rich, heady liqueur, made from hand-picked organic blackcurrants.

    Was: £17.50

    Now: £15.95

  5. Sloe Gin

    Kent, England

    The gin is enriched with natural flavours from the sloes which absorb nearly 50% of the alcohol from the gin creating a delicious 26% alcohol liqueur.

    £16.99 a bottle

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  6. Raspberry Liqueur

    Oxfordshire, England

    Made with hand picked organic raspberries grown on the Gibson farm in the Cotswolds

    £17.50 a bottle

  7. Elderberry Liqueur

    Oxfordshire, England

    Fantastic liqueur made in the Cotswolds. Deliciously versatile.

    £17.50 a bottle

7 Item(s)

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