Don Abraham Tequila Blanco 40% (70cl)


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Smooth, traditional organic Tequila from the slopes of the Tequila valley


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From a small distillery that uses its own well water, this smooth and flavoursome Tequila is a cut above. The agaves are all from their own fields and are certified organic. Traditional production methods see the agaves cooked in a brick oven and milled mechanically. Distilling is done in stainless steel still with a copper coil.

Authentic aromas of pure, distilled agave, with floral, herbal and aged spirit notes such as cacao, almond and cinnamon. In the mouth the taste is sweet yet rich of minerals with a soft opening and a peppery finish. Perfect on its own but great in cocktails too.

Don Abraham is made in Destileria Las Americas, where only a small number of Tequilas are made. All of them are made with the utmost care and are diluted to drinking strength with water from their own well which they demineralise on site. The name Don Abraham refers to a member of the family during the Mexican Revolution with Pancho Villa. The son of Don Alvaro, the master distiller, bears the same name and this Tequila ties the old with the new. An old process, with a new bottle, like a old name, carried by a young man.



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