Domaine des Baluettes Muscadet Sur Lie ‘Les Coteaux’ (75cl)


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Brilliant, modern Muscadet made organically with natural yeasts

This wine has been left on its lees all winter and is unfined with only natural yeasts used in the vinification. This is classic Muscadet for all things ‘fishy’!


Sea-salt tinged green fruit, Vivacious


Freshly spliced Bramley apple

Located in the heart of the wine-growing region of Nantes, at la Haye Fouassière, the 35 hectare domaine is owned by Daneil Bideau and Marie Beatrice Giraud. Sustainably certified for many years, they have ten hectares which are now certified as organic and in 2015 they built a new winery dedicated to their organic wines.



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