DOCG Franciacorta Saten

Franciacorta, Italy
Barone Pizzini- 2010
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Grape: Chardonnay
Size: 75cl
Alcohol: 12%
Drink now Suitable for vegetarians
£26.50 // bottle // pack
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Franciacorta, Italy
Barone Pizzini- 2010

This wine comes from the Franciacorta wine region of Italy, and it is a Satèn--meaning it's made in the classic "blanc de blanc" style, with only Pinot Bianco or Chardonnay grapes. This wine is pure Chardonnay, and the Satèn vinification process uses less pressure, which provides a silky mouthfeel and a soft, delicate mousse. The wine is oak-aged in barrique, giving it a dense, mellow flavour that is rounded out by hints of vanilla, spices, and exotic fruits. There is a gentle aroma of lemon to the sparkling wine, and it is a harmony of scents and flavours that make it a crisp, beautiful vintage to enjoy on any occasion.

92 Points - The Wine Gang, 'Satèn wines have a little lower pressure than regular Franciacorta and are always 100% Chardonnay, 30% fermented in barrel for this biodynamic example. Lovely silkiness and freshness combining, the crispness of this wine has real tang and vivacious cut and thrust, yet silk too. It really is a beautiful wine.' June 2016 (2010 vintage)

Victoria Moore - The Telegraph, 'Italy keeps its smartest region for sparkling wine almost a secret. Franciacorta is an hour’s drive from Milan, in the foothills of the Alps. The wines here are made in the same way as champagne, using two of the champagne grapes – chardonnay and pinot noir – and also pinot bianco. The best can be very elegant, but I often find the quality disappointing for the price. So I was delighted to taste this all-chardonnay Barone Pizzini wine, which is delicious – silky and sophisticated with a cool edge' December 2016 (2010 vintage)


Barone Pizzini

Barone Pizzini was founded in 1870 by the noble family of the same name. It is one of the oldest wineries in Franciacorta, and was the first winery in the region to promote biodiversity and natural farming methods.The company has captured the area’s long cultural significance to help shape both Franciacorta’s legacy and contemporary character. Pizzini is a keen observer of its land, developing thoughtful farming models that have propelled them to the front line of their region. Its key philosophy is to trust in nature first. Silvano Brescianini, the winemaker (and CEO), took over winemaking responsibilities in 1994. For him, vines and wines are borne out of natural farming and, as such, should reflect their origins. His aim of low intervention results in wines defined less by artifice and more by location. Situated in what is oft cited as the best areas of Franciacorta production, the winery’s 47 hectares are divided into 25 separate parcels across four municipalities including Provaglio d’Iseo, Corte Franca, Adro and Passirano. Vines are sited at an average of 200 meters above sea level with an average age of 20 years. Subsoils are complex in origin. Some are morainic in nature, while others are enriched by glacial river deposits. Pizzini also own a 26 hectare biodynamic wine estate in the Marche (Pievalta) and have further expanded their holdings with an estate in Maremma (Poderi di Ghiaccioforte) on the Tuscan coast. All farming practices on their three estates subscribe to natural models that use organic matter to sustain soil fertility with natural parasites to control pests. Sensitivity begins with the health of the soil, and extends throughout their viticultural practices in defense of the transparency of their different terroirs .The winery building itself represents a desire to reduce environmental impact and to maximize energy savings. The architectural choices  guarantee the ideal environment for producing wines that respect the environment. For this reason, two thirds of the building lies underground, ensuring that ambient temperature remains stable, naturally.  

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