DOCG Franciacorta Saten

Franciacorta, Italy
Barone Pizzini- 2010
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Grape: Chardonnay
Size: 75cl
Alcohol: 12%
Drink now Suitable for vegetarians
£26.50 // bottle // pack
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Franciacorta, Italy
Barone Pizzini- 2010

This wine comes from the Franciacorta wine region of Italy, and it is a Satèn--meaning it's made in the classic "blanc de blanc" style, with only Pinot Bianco or Chardonnay grapes. This wine is pure Chardonnay, and the Satèn vinification process uses less pressure, which provides a silky mouthfeel and a soft, delicate mousse. The wine is oak-aged in barrique, giving it a dense, mellow flavour that is rounded out by hints of vanilla, spices, and exotic fruits. There is a gentle aroma of lemon to the sparkling wine, and it is a harmony of scents and flavours that make it a crisp, beautiful vintage to enjoy on any occasion.

92 Points - The Wine Gang, 'Satèn wines have a little lower pressure than regular Franciacorta and are always 100% Chardonnay, 30% fermented in barrel for this biodynamic example. Lovely silkiness and freshness combining, the crispness of this wine has real tang and vivacious cut and thrust, yet silk too. It really is a beautiful wine.' June 2016 (2010 vintage)

Victoria Moore - The Telegraph, 'Italy keeps its smartest region for sparkling wine almost a secret. Franciacorta is an hour’s drive from Milan, in the foothills of the Alps. The wines here are made in the same way as champagne, using two of the champagne grapes – chardonnay and pinot noir – and also pinot bianco. The best can be very elegant, but I often find the quality disappointing for the price. So I was delighted to taste this all-chardonnay Barone Pizzini wine, which is delicious – silky and sophisticated with a cool edge' December 2016 (2010 vintage)


Barone Pizzini

The Pizzini family arrived in Franciacorta in the 1870s.  Since then, the estates  have passed through many generations of the same family, until in the 1990s a group of local wine entrepreneurs, bought the estate and started to invest in the business putting people, and the environment first. Organic techniques followed and soon they expanded their horizons by investing and buying new properties in the Maremma Toscana area and in the Marche, Castelli di Jesi. With a full range of wines from three important wine regions of Italy, Barone Pizzini are a dynamic, quality driven group whose wines are enjoying increasing recognition. We are very pleased to be working with more of their wines in the UK this year.

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