DOC Prosecco Spumante Castello Gabriel

Treviso, Italy
Giol- NV
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Grape: Glera
Size: 75cl
Alcohol: 11%
Drink now Suitable for vegans
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Treviso, Italy
Giol- NV

Very occasionally a supplier offers us an absolute bargain. We couldn't refuse this lovely Prosecco from Giol, when one of his customers let him down on a pre-labelled order. We only have a finite amount, so grab this bargain while you can!


San Polo di Piave lies in the heart of the green and fertile Treviso countryside. The uniqueness of this corner of the Veneto owes to the fact that San Polo is located in a natural depression, 4 meters below the rest of the surrounding flat lands. The man behind Giol is Vittorio Carraro, a talented and charasmatic individual. His Prosecco wines are simply superb,  clean and uplifting and his Pinot Grigio fresh and delicious.  The family estate has been producing wines since 1427 and as he says - 'experience matters'!

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