DOC Friuli Pinot Grigio

Fruili Grave, Italy
Mont’albano- 2016
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Grape: Pinot Grigio
Size: 75cl
Alcohol: 12%
Drink now Suitable for vegans
£9.75 // bottle // pack
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Fruili Grave, Italy
Mont’albano- 2016

The British have absolutely fallen in love with Pinot Grigio and it's easy to see why; attractive fresh pear and summer stone fruit with uplifting acidity.


The north-easterly district of Friuli Grave is home to Mont’albano. Slowly becoming better known in the UK, it has long been worshipped by the Italians themselves who place a high value on its unique climate in the production of aromatic, delicate wines. Mauro Braidot is a hugely enthusiastic, passionate and talented winemaker.

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