Da Mhile Oak Aged Gin (35cl)


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A Dutch style 'Jenever' gin, that has been aged in the distillery's single grain whisky barrels.

A Dutch style ‘Jenever’ gin, that has been aged in the distillery’s single grain whisky barrels. Light golden in colour, with subtle juniper, fresh herbs and spice flavours, along with some intriguing sweet grain whisky tone. Try neat over ice.

Dà Mhìle, pronounced da-vee-lay and meaning Gaelic for two thousand, began life in 1992 when John Savage-Onstwedder commissioned the world's first organic whisky (of the modern era at least) to be made to celebrate the millenium in 2000. The whisky is still being produced (but the original bottles from 1992 are now highly sought after), but they have have also expanded into gin and liqueurs, produced using their own copper pot still in Wales. 



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